Wii U blinking red.

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User Info: MathewManson

4 years ago#1
Unplugged it from the console and power point and it fixed up...has this happened to anybody else?
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User Info: Enigma149

4 years ago#2
Not me, no. But so long as unplugging it fixed it, it was probably just a one-time issue and not something major, like the occasional error screen on the 3DS warning you to turn it off, and the Xbox 360's "Half Ring of Death" error.
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User Info: NejiHyuga900

4 years ago#3
It has happened to me a few times before. In fact, one of those "few times" was this morning.
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User Info: georgethecow4

4 years ago#4
Holy crap, my Wii U has never blinked red. I'd be pretty scared if it did, I don't think the entire machine has a light to do that.
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User Info: strongo9

4 years ago#5
It's going to blow.
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User Info: DolkaPots

4 years ago#6
strongo9 posted...
It's going to blow.

Get to da choppa!

User Info: andrea987

4 years ago#7
Blinking? Has probably heard of the 'social features' of ps4 and it's trying to keep up.

Jokes aside, no, it never happened to me, but I would call Nintendo to make sure it's nothing serious, if it keeps happening.
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User Info: xChaosLordx

4 years ago#8
RROD - send it back to Nintendo. Its still under warranty, right?

User Info: TheFlamingC

4 years ago#9
It could mean it overheated. If it persists, I'd call up Nintendo because, it could mean the ventilation fan is busted.
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