You are hired as a consultant by Nintendo to improve Wii U sales

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User Info: dennis941012

4 years ago#111
From: Veladus | #502
GloryChaos posted...
Rasputin77 posted...
Two words: naked Peach.

Fired immediately. Should have gone with someone more hip. Like, say...Daisy.

Lord no. Imagine how many more deformed eyes we'd find if she lost the dress.

Rosalina ftw

From: Terotrous | #459
Here's what I would do:

First of all, backwards compatibility improvement. Most Wii games can now be played on the Gamepad screen. If the game supported GC controller or Classic Controller, this is straightforward. Some other games that didn't, like Donkey Kong Country Returns, will need a bit of remapping help, but really for 99% of games it shouldn't be that hard to move them over. This alone would revitalize the system quite a lot.

Second, account system for the store. It's ludicrous not to have one and the store will never go anywhere until it's in place.

Third, remove the "no hype" policy. It doesn't work. Start hyping the crap out of all of their games, even if they're like 6 months to a year away from release.

And fourth, take off the kid gloves and stop making stupid decisions. No more dicking around with localizations of games people want. No more refusing to release fan favourite games like Mother. Games like Mario make more than enough profit to cover a thousand RPGs or other games that lose a tiny amount of money, and the reputation that comes with being a company that listens to its fans pays for itself in the long run.

I'd also start making more games in popular but neglected franchises like F-Zero, Starfox, and Panel de Pon.


User Info: Asuir

4 years ago#112
First thing I would do is change the name.

User Info: rudgerlight

4 years ago#113
DemonDog666, I only just noticed you finally responded....and still barely addressed anything I wrote.

DemonDog666 posted...
What the hell are you talking about every game without a fixed camera lets you spin around the camera with the second analogue, even in spiltscreen... and why the hell wouldn't they just let you use the second analog on the gamepad...

Honestly, if you don't understand what I'm suggesting, you should probably stop commenting about the usefulness of the gamepad. Go try out the main lobby in Nintendoland. You can physically spin your body around to see your surroundings. Can you also view your surroundings with an analogue stick? Of course. Is it the same feeling or experience? Not at all. It's like saying why did they bother making a tennis game with the wiimote when you could just use an analogue stick to simulate a swing. Different control mechanisms result in different experiences while playing. It also means that the two players have two different sets of information and must communicate in order to fulfill tasks, rather than being able to just look at each others screens.

I've used gyro on the vita too, that method of control sucks either way, so congrats the tablet gives you a horrible way of controlling thing.

I said I've physically programmed for the gyroscopes of the Wii U. Again, it's better. Pointing to inferior products and saying, "I don't like it" doesn't disprove what I wrote. Also, I was talking about certain mechanics being controlled by the gyroscopes, so it means you can control several things simultaneously using different aspects of the controller. That simply isn't possible with just two analogue sticks. Constantly restating otherwise isn't an actual counterpoint and pointing to poorly implemented mechanics on a different device doesn't mean that the controls shouldn't exist at all.

I'm not changing the argument, I said significant, it's not significant, and the only actually useful thing you mentioned too...

You are changing the argument. And I'm sorry, writing notes, drawing plays, private information for one player, and more are all "significant". Simply saying "it isn't" is not much of an argument, nor do I understand why you think you're the final arbiter on what is a worthwhile game mechanic.

Analogues are more convenient then keyboard and mouse a tablet controller isn't.

There are literally millions of people who disagree with you.

Hold button to spray/draw, unhold it to not, move the analog lol, granted it is slower but why the hell would you need to do that in any game to begin with, wiiU tablet controller should be a peripheral at most it's useless in most genres and even an annoyance in some and there are only a few genres it'd actually help in and even then it's not doing anything an analog couldn't and it's costing you 100 more... if it was the same price maybe but it's not it's far more expensive.

I explained why it might be a fun inclusion in a game. Asking why it needs to exist is just saying, "I can't imagine it being fun, so it shouldn't exist." The whole argument is that you lack imagination, thank you for further proving that point. One game may not use any of the features, one game may rely on every aspect of the controller. They're called options, and making it an extra peripheral means developers won't pursue those options. It's why the nextbox includes Kinect and the PS4 forces Vita integration into all games.
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