Why does capcom hate megaman?

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User Info: Oni_Taedo

4 years ago#21
I could see a 3D Megaman reboot actually working.
Essentially, it would combine levels of the first two games, and would play like a faster, more balls-to-the-wall crossover between Megaman Legends, and Gears of War (but no regenerating health, or hiding behind cover. You'll have to resort to fast reflexes and even faster wits, utilizing weapons from the first two games, the slide maneuver, and Rush).

My theory, though... Dr. Wily bought Capcom.
Now that Capcom is under his control, they can't make any more Mega Man games.
Now that there's no more Mega Man games, Mega Man can no longer stop Dr. Wily from using his robots to TAKE OVER ZE VURLD!

I'm glad the Mega Man FPS got canned. But if not for the Mega Man title, it actually looked kind of fun.
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User Info: akuma634

4 years ago#22
I'm beyond sick of Capcom hate. Take off your tinfoil hat and get a basic understanding of the industry. Capcom is a publisher, a publisher's job is to make money, and the problem with Mega Man is no developer can find the right way to bring the franchise into current gen gaming. Mega Man 9 was a big hit but fans complained that Mega Man 10 was too much of the same. It's sales that dictate the future of a franchise. It took over 10 years between Street Fighter 3 and Street Fighter 4, it's all a matter of sales figures that motivate a publisher. Capcom wants to make the most money can they can so the next Mega Man would be a big tens of millions of dollars budget AAA title, that's a big investment. They don't want something that will lose a lot of money. Also given how much blind hate Capcom gets for everything they do, even if the next Mega Man game was the greatest game of all time, people would still b**** about it and threaten to boycott Capcom. Do you still wonder why people are leaving the videogame industry when their dream job has become a thankless job?

User Info: Bryon25

4 years ago#23
I think capcom should just sell the megaman IP to nintendo. And then go bankrupt.
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