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User Info: thejacer

4 years ago#1
im playing prime 1 on the trilogy disc for my wii u. just wondering what would make it look best. from what i tested it seems that the hdmi cable looks best but maybe im just not configuring the component source properly for wii games

also on a side note skyward sword looked bad on hdmi and i tried the component and it looked even worse so i dunno what to do? it seems that most people always say that comp looks better for those low res wii games?
GT: TheJacer87

User Info: sixdeadpixels

4 years ago#2
Using an HDMI cable preserves the pure digital signal from console to screen. Component carries an analog signal, thus loss of information occurs in the transmission. For the Wii, component was the best option, but as the Wii U transmits an HD signal, you should stick with HDMI for optimal results.
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