Genesis does what Nintendon't!

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User Info: SovietSpy44

4 years ago#1
Blast processing!
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User Info: Polskihammer

4 years ago#2
I hear ps4 is "Supercharged"
= |

User Info: Johnny_Jon_117

4 years ago#3
Sega was the better console. People like to talk about great the Super Nintendo was and how it's the "last great console" but it's not.

The last true great console was the DreamCast. That thing was a freaking Super Nintendo for crying out loud. If had its own unique line up of games and you could play Super Nintendo games.

If there was any console wars that actually mattered it was the Sega-Big N Showdown. Respect Sega for what they did and respect Nintendo for what they're still doing now.
Every game is overrated because the Internet hates everything and wants anything that's going up to go down. Like a true villain.
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