Nintendo Wii U Storage Expansion FAQ V2.0

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    Vipsoccermaster posted...
    TCaC04, I got a different drive (same company/capacity amount) and it works just fine. Did a test or two and it worked great. Attempted to save when the drive's light went off after a bit, and it saved successfully. I do not have the problem where the Wii U could not recognize the drive anymore. All is well. Thanks for your assistance.

    You're very welcome Vip, glad I could help. Enjoy your Wii U!

    Maximo37 posted...
    **I've recently purchased a Buffalo "Ultra-Portable & Lightweight MiniStation Stealth HD-PCTU2 500GB" storage device, off of Amazon. At first when booting up, the WiiU prompted me to format the device, it stated that it could not be formatted. After several attempts (even changing USB connection locations) I was able to format the Hard Drive. However, upon turning on the console again, the WiiU boots up, the blue light on the hard drive lights up, but then immediately the screen goes black and states that the device has been disconnected... Is this a faulty hard drive? Perhaps not compatible? Anybody else experience a similar challenge? I have the 32GB Deluxe WiiU. And currently have 15GBs of free storage. But I know its only a matter of time before I run out of internal storage space. Should I bit the bullet an buy a different device? Thanks for any feedback or suggestions.

    Hmm...It could very well be a faulty device, have you tried using it on a PC? If so, does it read it? If it doesn't seem to read on your PC, then by all means, return it an grab a new HDD. Let me know how it works out.
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