Buying a WiiU just for earthbound.

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User Info: DTY3

4 years ago#41
suprsolider posted...
1. Many people have played Earthbound and would love to give
1) How about NO I won't leave until the Wii U dies out.

This says it all, folks.
Find something better to do with your life dude.
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Metroid Fusion is pretty cool I guess.
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User Info: FayeLady

4 years ago#43
kyomagi posted...
Or you can save hundreds of dollars by getting a emulator and rom for free

I'd even rather give the "Crackhead" on ebay money then Nintendo. Crackhead managed to keep a copy in a condition I'd want to own it in for almost 20 years. Nintendo managed to upload a rom to a shop server. One of these actions has value to me, the other does not.
If I support the game company, then I won't be supporting the blank DVD business.

User Info: DavCube

4 years ago#44
suprsolider posted...
They pretty much have already, Frostbite 4 engine and Unreal 4 engine isn't coming to Wii U, and you bet your ass they will be used for next gen games.

Wii U is a flop, Nintendo fans should DEMAND better from Nintendo, but as usual all they do is sit content,willing to eat the scraps Nintendo feeds then while the rest of the industry passes by and laughs.

In the case of UE4, Nintendo aren't the ones to blame. Or at least if they are, no one has had the gumption to call them out on it. And really, there'd be no repurcussions in doing so, now would there?

I get the feeling you wouldn't be satisfied no matter what Nintendo did. Never mind you're perfectly content to let Sony and MS do many of the same things. In the case of the PS4, they're loving all over the Killzone and Infamous sequels even though they have no idea if they're really going to push the bar or innovate any more than New Super Mario Bros. did for Mario because fanboys will be fanboys no matter what they're fanboys of.

Never mind third-party exclusivity is starting to become a thing of the past. Less and less games are being exclusive to either the PS3 or 360, and it's already looking to roll over to the PS4 and Durango. At this point the only real third-party exclusives Sony is getting are the clockwork NIS releases no one's heard of, the random Tales game, and now only SOME games from Square-Enix as opposed to the whole gambit of their IPs. And Microsoft gets... some indie games on XBLA every now and then. Hoorah.

The two essentially let third-parties have free reign to do whatever they want as long as they get money, ignoring any critical outcry regarding bad decisions or shifty practices by people like EA, Activision, or Capcom. As opposed to Nintendo who makes them jump through TOO MANY hoops.

So really, it's pick your poison.

User Info: ssjtrunk1

4 years ago#45
Today I have over 2800 karma.

User Info: ssjtrunk1

4 years ago#46
I am buying 2
Today I have over 2800 karma.

User Info: chaos_sage0265

4 years ago#47
itsmeaustin posted...
1. Many people have played Earthbound and would love to give the creators money (and not some crackhead on Ebay) because we felt they earned it.

I hate when people throw out this argument. None of the original developers are going to see a penny. Nintendo has always owned the IP. They are simply cashing in on it.

This isn't me telling you not to buy the game. But please, stop being delusional.
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User Info: ChrisObama

4 years ago#48
No system is worth just for one game especially not the Wii u, You be better off saving a couple hundred bucks just by downloading the rom.
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User Info: DorotimusWitik

4 years ago#49
Melkac posted...
PoppaKrogan posted...
you could probably buy an SNES and SNES copy for cheaper...

You couldn't. The used copies cost $200.

Also with a dead battery. Not that they are especially hard to replace, they aren't... but with the WiiU at least it's convenient and at least you have something more at the end of the day than just an SNES and Earthbound.

User Info: NeoSamuel

4 years ago#50
Originaly picked up my WiiU for the typical Nintendo line up, but I am very happy with a number of games comming out this year. SMT X FE being the one I am most hyped for.
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