Metroid Prime: Hunters 2 for Wii U?

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User Info: Nordini

4 years ago#21
1shadetail1 posted...
habsalltheway33 posted...
Well, if you "severely dislike FPS games" and the whole shebang...why are you offering judgement on how the game played? It seems like there is a bias there right from the start. It's like me playing a grinding MMO when I hate those types of games and then concluding with "Not impressive".

I realize this is an arcane concept for some people, but believe it or not, being biased doesn't mean you aren't allowed to have an opinion. Furthermore, at least as far as Hunters is concerned, the single-player and multi-player parts are very different. I played through the single-player, and found it not bad at best.


Nordini posted...
So you hate all the metroid prime games......they are all FPS...

Except that you're wrong. As everybody knows, the Metroid Prime titles are adventure games, like Legend of Zelda done from the first-person perspective, rather than FPS games like Halo or Doom. And as far as that genre goes, Hunters was rather mediocre.

Except that it you that is wrong. You are in first-person view, and you are shooting things. That is the basic concept of the game. Not at all LoZ. Further proof?

GameFAQs categories.

All metroid prime titles are categorized as:

First person > Shooter > Sci-Fi.

Same as Halo.
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