Is the 8 GB unit enough?

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User Info: UponADarkThorne

4 years ago#1
Topic title.

I intend for it to be my primary system this gen but using Amazon as a comparison, the deluxe version is almost ninety dollars more, which gives me quite a more to save up for considering that I always have to buy an extra game with a system - and I really don't have any interest in Nintendo World.

Feed back'd be great. Thanks. :)

User Info: Shadowbird_RH

4 years ago#2
With $50 between the basic and the deluxe, the stands, charging cradle, Nintendo Land, x4 internal storage, and deluxe digital promotion make the deluxe an obvious bargain. At a $100 difference, especially with no interest in Nintendo Land, you're better off getting the basic.

8GB isn't much, and the OS leaves you with less than half of that. 32GB isn't anything to be satisfied with either unless you never plan to download anything outside the Virtual Console. Paying even $50 for 24 more GB isn't smart.

If you're concerned about storage, get an external HD. An external power supply or a y-cable is necessary, and Wii U can't take advantage of the benefits USB 3.0 has over 2.0.
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User Info: Zero280

4 years ago#3
Personally I'd go with the deluxe bundle since it comes with Nintendo Land and you also digital download promotion where you get back 10% of what you spend on a game in the eshop.However if none of the above interests you, just go for a basic wii u and you can buy an external hard drive later on if you plan on using the eshop.
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User Info: 0PTICS

4 years ago#4
Go with the color you like best. For me it is white. Looks clean/better and dust/fingerprints aren't as noticeable. I didn't care for the extras, and the $55 (after tax) you save can go towards a game that you want or a 500GB external HDD. I went with a game.

If black is your thing (or not), want the 32 GB HDD space, but don't want to pay the extra $50. Sell Nintendoland, both stands, and cradle and you'd end up paying less than the basic edition.

User Info: The_King82

4 years ago#5
Shadowbird_RH posted...
Wii U can't take advantage of the benefits USB 3.0 has over 2.0.


User Info: Skul_

4 years ago#6
From: The_King82 | #005
Shadowbird_RH posted...
Wii U can't take advantage of the benefits USB 3.0 has over 2.0.


Wat are you laughing at
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User Info: STN79

4 years ago#7
I went with the basic and i'm just fine. I need to get me a good external drive so i'll have room for eshop downloads. What's the best kind to get? I'm only going to be downloading Virtual console and new eshop games. No retail at all cause i prefer discs and those downloads would take up way too much space.

User Info: Socran

4 years ago#8
UponADarkThorne posted...
using Amazon as a comparison, the deluxe version is almost ninety dollars more

Amazon shouldn't be used as a comparison, as they refuse to sell Nintendo consoles. They'll only list third-party sellers, which don't go by MSRP. At any regular store, the normal version is $300 and the Deluxe is $350, not counting any sales. The additional storage space, Digital Deluxe Promotion (basically, 10% back on digital purchases), and most importantly Nintendo Land, all make this a good value. The ZombiU bundle, which is $390 and includes ZombiU and a Pro Controller in addition to all Deluxe items, is an even better value even if all you wanted was the controller.

That said, 8 GB is enough if you don't plan on downloading any games. 32 GB is more than enough for all your saves and probably DLC, but not quite enough if you plan on buying all of your games digitally. Fortunately, you can use an external storage drive once you run out of space.

Again, though, the benefits of the Deluxe package are worth the money for reasons other than just the storage space. Don't make the mistake of thinking Nintendo Land is just another Wii Sports.
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User Info: STE573

4 years ago#9
It's 2013. I find the fact that they even chose to launch with such small HDD's a stroke of idiocy.

Still you can, and will have to, buy an external HDD to make the Wii U a functional console.
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User Info: stekim40

4 years ago#10
With the extra stuff you get in the premium package, its a bit silly to buy the basic one imo.
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