We need a real Zelda collection

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User Info: wingo84

4 years ago#11
Bishop9800 posted...
wingo84 posted...
Why arent handheld titles necessary ?

Fo Real. Manish Cap was my fav, and still is!

Never got to play that, wounded. Thinking of buying a 3DS since Seasons and Ages is coming on it as well as ALTTP2
NNID - Wingo84
Learning the flute/Contemplating buying a 3DS

User Info: cyberpik

4 years ago#12
Sharky8 posted...
MechaKoopa5000 posted...
Why is it again that handhelds and Four Swords (or at least FSA) don't count?

I mean, the answer to the question, regardless, is that it would make no financial sense for them to release them all on one special collectors edition set, especially with the VC and HD rereleases.

Kirby did it. Zelda can do it too.

I just do not understand why A Link to the Past was not included on the GC collection.

The GBA release of ALttP came out around the same time, about one year prior. Hence its exclusion from the GC collection.
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