Your controversial opinions about Nintendo consoles

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User Info: GuysSorry

4 years ago#21
The N64 has a terrible, terrible library of games and is easily the worst MAIN console Nintendo has released, barring the Virtual Boy.

User Info: Schwepps01

4 years ago#22
This topic should NOT be called "Controversial opinions about Nintendo consoles." It is literally just a bunch of misanthropes praising every stupid decision Nintendo has ever made. Amazing.

User Info: tooweak

4 years ago#23
(Excluding VB) GBA was the worst Nintendo system Nintendo. Oh, and Golden Sun? If it deserved it's popularity, then Wild Arms 1 was the game that made jRPGs explode in USA.

Between just Brawl and (the few but good non-shovelware) third party support alone, Wii is better than GC or N64.Now imagine if I actually counted VC, Mario Kart, both Galaxys, Xenoblade, etc.

I have a WiiU and did the transfer. But my official firmware Wii still warrants staying hooked up, unlike my still working 360.

DS/3DS era Pokemon (Explorers, BW, Gates) alone has outclassed 360 or PS3 in terms of story you exclude ports/remakes.
It happened again. I cried at another Pokemon game.

User Info: The_Shadow_Link

4 years ago#24
Nintendo has to stop the New Super Mario Bros series right now if they want to keep credibility in the Mario Franchise, they also need to update Mario Kart greatly and not rush the games just to sell a console, lastly announcing what is essentially NEW Legend of Zelda for the 3DS is a terrible, terrible idea.
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User Info: zoogelio

4 years ago#25
GuysSorry posted...
The N64 has a terrible, terrible library of games and is easily the worst MAIN console Nintendo has released, barring the Virtual Boy.

I've read discussions. Even some N64 collectors would agree with you. While going carts gave it greater collectibility in the future (Gamecube does have some of that with its mini discs), it was a boneheaded decision at the time. Nintendo underestimated how sensitive gamers were to game prices (though they weren't as stupid as Sega. $85-100 Phantasy Star IV. Gee, I wonder why it isn't selling) and how enticing CD profit margins were to third-parties. Carts were riskier. Capcom just ate a gigantic loss in 1994 (absurd number of Super Street Fighter II carts produced. It took up so much space, used up so much money, many later SNES games like Mega Man X3 & Mega Man 7 had very reduced print runs, which is why they are the hardest to find big name games for the SNES). They also screwed up, what was it, the texture limits? (IIRC, that's what made the N64 not look as superior as its hardware was- the textures had a very tiny file size, so everything was low-res). Even collectors admit the N64 library is fairly barren past a few oases. Heck, whole genres were missing (RPGs).

Ironically, while the N64 had the whole kiddie air, it had loads of FPSes, even Doom and Quake. It may of had a higher ratio of FPSes to other genres than even the PS1.

User Info: STE573

4 years ago#26
The GBA SP is the best console of all time with a better library than the SNES & PS2...

The Wii was a complete and utter waste of time until the end of it's life and you could buy the 15 or so games that were actually worth it...

Nintendo have never done online well.

And lastly, and possibly mostly contrivertial... The 3DS library isn't currently as great as people make out, in fact for the time being, I consider the 6 games I own to be the best, and the rest is quite missable stuff for me.
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