Iwata: Wii U Has Lost Momentum

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User Info: tuznecote

4 years ago#21
Buretsu posted...
I still don't understand why people say this is such a big problem for the Wii U, but it didn't seem to do any sort of harm to the XBox when they just tacked on a number to the end of their new system..

The thing is my non nerd friends didn't know about the WiiU being a whole system. Its true that people simply think the WiiU is a tablet for the Wii. It was halarious.

Another mate turned the thing on and thought it was a handheld wii not realising it also goes to the TV until I switched it on and said "no its the new wii" which lead to this long "What new Wii?" "Why would I want a new wii?" No its like a Wii2. "What like a genesis 2" No! Its a whole new system "So can I play old wii games" yes "So why would I...

Imagine that for a while.

User Info: Jackal

4 years ago#22
Sailor Goon posted...
Why is it that Nintendo is always apologizing for their lousy decisions, but never actually doing anything about them?

Apologizing is a form of pacification. People will feel some relief from hearing it and be more understanding, for the moment anyway.
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User Info: Rasputin77

4 years ago#23
^Exactly, Jackal.

TalentedM posted...
I don't really see why you're so hurt by this.

"Hurt"? Only on GameFAQs does a response to a reasonable question include some indication of imagined emotional distress.

"U mad bro"... f***ing yyyyyyuck, lol.

... Well, okay, maybe not only on GameFAQs. But I can't say technology is diminishing your active little imaginations. ^__^
Wii U apologists... please stop trying so hard.

User Info: MegaWinFTW

4 years ago#24
Ever since Iwata took over he promised that their next console wouldn't have the same game drought the previous one did and then after launch he's right there apologising for it. You really would have thought they'd have actually followed through with it at least once by now, or stopped making the same promise that they can't fulfil.

User Info: Neo_Heartless

4 years ago#25
Is this some sort of American thing that people don't know the WiiU is a new system? I've not heard as such in the UK.

I am convinced its because you lot have some unhealthy hatred of the letter U. I mean, you remove it from words like colour and armour and.... ahhh I see now, people see the name, but they think the U is silent, so they think its just another Wii.
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User Info: sonicsonic

4 years ago#26
tuznecote posted...
TalentedM posted...
tuznecote posted...

I have no interest in that series, nore do I want Mario Kart. I am pretty much stuffed this year then.

You bought the system with the notion that games that were not announced or had a release date would be available right away?

I am sorry you didn't do enough research on your purchase and are now going through some kind of buyers remorse. I hope your suffering does not last long and you die a warriors death!

What games are you interested in?

So your pretty much saying that WiiU isn't worth buying because I shouldn't assume the game system would get some decent games within a year of release?

Adventure, platformers and all sorts.

Yoshi Yarn, WWHD, also possibly 3D Mario, X and SMTxFE. Ok. Wind Waker is just a HD port and the latter may not be released this year. Best bet is waiting till E3.

I am looking forward too their "intensive" launch of titles. A company this big ain't no fool. Nintendo are well aware that this holiday they have to compete with two new consoles on the market. So I expect them too pull out some big titles on the holidays.

I'm surprised some people are complaining that they have actually apologised. I remember reading an article about RE:Operation Raccoon City where the devs had a go at reviewers and gamers who rated it poorly, claiming that they just simply didn't understand... what they enjoy themselves...

User Info: thundercat2600

4 years ago#27
It's oy been out 6 months, has no actual competition yet, and it's already lost all its momentum?

This is about as bad as it gets. Wii U will replace GameCube as Nintendo's worst selling console of all time.
they have the PC version of Darksiders 2 running on WiiU in 1080 native at 60 fps and full graphics options on. Neither 360 or PS3 can come close

User Info: Eoin

4 years ago#28
Buretsu posted...
I still don't understand why people say this is such a big problem for the Wii U, but it didn't seem to do any sort of harm to the XBox when they just tacked on a number to the end of their new system..

It's not, and never has been, just about the name. It's about the entire branding, all of which is flawed. To pick it all apart:

- The name is the start. The "Wii" part of "Wii U" clearly links the console with the Wii, but the "U" part does nothing to distinguish it. People understand numbers, especially when those numbers are low and get consistently higher. Letters are mysterious, although people are sort of used to S and X somehow indicating progression. There is no intuitive meaning for the "U" part of the name. The official explanation of it meaning "you" doesn't help in the slightest.

- The machine is designed very similarly to the Wii. It's distinguishable when placed side-by-side, but not at a quick glance. The dominant design traits - slim, white, disc tray dominating the front, rectangular flap - are all shared with the Wii. Any differences (such as button placement) could easily be assumed to be differences due to a minor redesign rather than it being a whole new console.

- The logo is almost the same as the Wii logo. It's the same font and colour and it just adds a white U carved out of a blue box. Look how Microsoft changed the logo of the Xbox 360 compared to the Xbox logo - different font, different colour (not very different, but noticeably), different symbol, and different background (Xbox logo was pretty much always on a black background, Xbox 360 logo generally on a white or silver background).

- This image:


This is the defining image of the Wii U. It's what's on the box, it's the most common photo/render of all of them, it appears most often on a Google image search, and if you just do a regular Google search, it'll appear several times as an image thumbnail. It's also an incredibly misguided image. It puts the controller front and centre, making it the focus, not the machine (on its own, that's understandable, but not in combination with the other mistakes). It puts the only visible Wii U logo on the controller, suggesting that the controller is the Wii U (there is a tiny Wii U logo on the console, but it's invisible except upon close examination). It actually hides the length of the machine, which is the most visibly obvious physical difference between the Wii U and the Wii, making the console look much more like the Wii.

That image says "this is an add-on for the Wii". That impression is bolstered by the name of the machine, the design of the machine, and the logo of the machine.

The only aspect of the branding that Nintendo got properly correct was the box design for the games. Even then it would be better if they'd swapped to a different case style, but Wii U games are at clearly differentiated from Wii games - something that should be true for the console as well, but isn't, to anything like the same extent.

User Info: Remembrent

4 years ago#29
I dont want to bring up the obvious but...

what momentum?

User Info: LinkSSJ6

4 years ago#30
I've said this before. I'd definately get a Wii Sports U.
I liked the other two very much. Wii Fit isn't the same.
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