If you could get only one demo from a Nintendo game shown at E3

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User Info: P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N

4 years ago#1
What game would you want that demo of? - Results (118 votes)
Super Mario
16.95% (20 votes)
Mario Kart
5.08% (6 votes)
Smash Bros 4
70.34% (83 votes)
Other (state what game from what you think will be detailed at e3)
7.63% (9 votes)
This poll is now closed.
"Only one demo? Why one?"
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User Info: Pyro76

4 years ago#2
"Smash Bros demo will be available on the e-shop just as soon as this presentation is over"

The only thing I want to hear at E3.
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User Info: splodeymissile

4 years ago#3
I've seen the colour of my soul and it's black.
Nintendo network ID: missile

User Info: Numbuh100

4 years ago#4
Where's the Monolith Wii U game demo option?
Waiting for: Pokemon X and Y, Project X Zone

User Info: SS4_Namreppiv

4 years ago#5
No playable Zelda demo?
"I tried one of your dishes once. I truly believed a part of my soul died."~Dunban

User Info: OMG_AIDS

4 years ago#6
Bayonetta 2
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User Info: PHEEliNUX

4 years ago#7
Monolith Soft game
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User Info: Faceman_

4 years ago#8
I'd love an open online beta of SSB. Give us a from the ground up online beta with a handful of characters and items. That way, no D bags spoil the roster or anything else because lord knows I'd have to read them... Give us a chance to test the online and give feedback so it's perfect when it comes out.

User Info: mashu

4 years ago#9
X. That's the demo I'd want.

User Info: wingo84

4 years ago#10
X would be great, but unlikely.

Realistically, a playable version of the new Wind Waker.
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