SNES controller was Nintendo's last good controller

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User Info: mahgah91

4 years ago#1
Just bought a SNES again and even though I haven't played a SNES in a decade, the controller felt completely natural with the games I played. Between N64 and Wii U, the Gamecube controller was probably the one that came closest to feeling natural, but it still had strange button placement and the annoying size difference between the left stick and the C stick.

Haven't tried to Pro Controller, which looks pretty good, but it's kinda silly when the spin-off optional controller for your console is more comfortable than the main controller.

User Info: FayeLady

4 years ago#2
I think it was one of their most comfortable controllers, after that they got ridiculous.
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User Info: mrpants_again

4 years ago#3
I agree somewhat. The PS1-3 and 360 controller are basically SNES controllers anyway. As is the Wii Classic controller.
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User Info: jackorhoads

4 years ago#4
I normally find that after using the controllers for months/years I don't mind their design.
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User Info: elbarto1

4 years ago#5
NES, SNES, gamepad are all comfortable.
N64 was atrocious and GameCube was irritating.
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User Info: KaiRyusaki

4 years ago#6
SNES - Perfect for it's time (obviously on modern games it wouldnt make sense, but that barely matters)

N64 - Weird. Tried to give you that "natural resting thumb position" for both 2d and 3d games by making different grips for them. no 2nd stick, but 6 face buttons i dont see why we dont keep that

Gamecube - Perfect outside lack of ZL, small-as-fudge d-pad (bad for 2d-gaming), octagonal C-stick, and i dont see why we cant have 6 buttons dangit

Wii - Really should've had a D-Pad on the nunchuck, "3 and 4" next to "1 and 2", and XYB around the A like on gamecube what were you thinking nintendo?

>Using symmetrical thumbsticks
>Using diamond layout
>non-analog triggers

Go figure nintendo copies their competition for once and it's for the worse

User Info: dancing_cactuar

4 years ago#7
Hey, I thought the gamecube controller was great.

User Info: StarmanJunior

4 years ago#8
I enjoyed the N64 one, it felt like a glove. Joystick sucked, but most of the games made good use of its design.
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User Info: Cloud75x

4 years ago#9
mrpants_again posted...
I agree somewhat. The PS1-3 and 360 controller are basically SNES controllers anyway. As is the Wii Classic controller.


3, 4, and 6 button (and whatever the atari jaguar had... idk if it deserves a name) were all over the place in the 90s. The NES has a 4-button controller at one time (2 turbo buttons above the B & A)

Ergonomically and realistically it functioned well and was a good upgrade from the 2-button design of the 80s since 16-bit was the "revolution."

The xbox design (all 3 designs) shows a strong resemblance to the dreamcast and 3rd saturn controller. It had the sharp edges at the bottom, the circular center, 2 triggers, 4 buttons, identical button & digital/analogue placement (except the x, y, a, b colors were switched) and 2 ports.

Nintendo's last good controller was the gamecube. It was actually designed to be placed in human hands and the button placements had a more natural positioning. You only had to tilt your thumb to mash the buttons instead of moving or sliding. Only drawback was the L & R buttons... they were designed like triggers and mashed down as such except they weren't. Having to press with your index finger 1'' to trigger the button is never good from a design standpoint.
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User Info: Pauken

4 years ago#10
Gamecube controller was Nintendo's last good controller


Seriously, it was such a good controller that I bought a Gamecube controller adapter (the best on the market at that) just so I could use it on my favorite controller-based PC games. The Wiimote by comparison hasn't gotten any real use on my PC despite it being simpler to hook up (bluetooth and done), and the Wii U Pad is just...BLEH. Even if there was an adapter for the Wii U Pad, I'd rather just hook up my iPad and wireless 360 controller to achieve the same damn thing, as the Wii U Pad is beyond horrible in terms of feel.

N64 wasn't as bad as everyone says it is, though; it's actually quite comfortable, and were it not for the lack of a second analog stick, I might very well be still using one of those bad boys on my PC :p

SNES however is overrated, as is NES. NES had the excuse of being the first handheld controller, as opposed to the Atari's gigantic joysticks of doom; SNES didn't, which made it hellishly uncomfortable due to a lack of ergonomic grips.
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