SNES controller was Nintendo's last good controller

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User Info: mahgah91

4 years ago#11
mrpants_again posted...
I agree somewhat. The PS1-3 and 360 controller are basically SNES controllers anyway. As is the Wii Classic controller.

Right, SNES set the standard for controllers (or at least general layout/face button placement) and that works great, especially on the 360 controller.

Nintendo's been changing their layout every generation and IMO it hurts them more than it helps them (possibly with the exception of the Wii's burst in popularity for a couple years). N64's controller layout left developers neglecting the D-Pad and shoulder buttons for most games and was often uncomfortable for long play sessions and the Gamecube controller was completely unprepared for the FPS popularity boom. There was nothing worse than playing a multiplatform game on the Gamecube--Nintendo seriously stunted third party support during the generation when it was really starting to become important with 3 big competitors. Games often suffered when they weren't specifically tailored for Gamecube controllers.

I love Nintendo but they really need to stop being different for the sake of being different. There's no reason why they should've gone such different routes with N64 and Gamecube except for a driving need to make a different controller for the sake of a different controller.

And now with their first party multiplayer games having an awkward tablet controller/Pro controller setup, it complicates it even more for developers if Nintendo's trying to make that a new standard.

User Info: RockD79

4 years ago#12
KaiRyusaki posted...
SNES - Perfect for it's time (obviously on modern games it wouldnt make sense, but that barely matters)

N64 - Weird. Tried to give you that "natural resting thumb position" for both 2d and 3d games by making different grips for them. no 2nd stick, but 6 face buttons i dont see why we dont keep that

Gamecube - Perfect outside lack of ZL, small-as-fudge d-pad (bad for 2d-gaming), octagonal C-stick, and i dont see why we cant have 6 buttons dangit

Wii - Really should've had a D-Pad on the nunchuck, "3 and 4" next to "1 and 2", and XYB around the A like on gamecube what were you thinking nintendo?

>Using symmetrical thumbsticks
>Using diamond layout
>non-analog triggers

Go figure nintendo copies their competition for once and it's for the worse

Which part did they copy?
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User Info: metaldiggle2

4 years ago#13
Nope, they were all good. Especially the Gamecube's controller.
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User Info: Omega_Black

4 years ago#14
Cloud75x posted...
Only drawback was the L & R buttons... they were designed like triggers and mashed down as such except they weren't. Having to press with your index finger 1'' to trigger the button is never good from a design standpoint.

Except they were.

That last button press once the triggers were all the way down?
An extra digital button signal built right in.

Play Melee with the Cube controller. The shield varies in strength depending on the degree of pressure put on the trigger. Press them all the way down until they click and you get an instant full strength shield.
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User Info: DarkAdonis123

4 years ago#15
FayeLady posted...
I think it was one of their most comfortable controllers, after that they got ridiculous.

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User Info: Amazing Ampharos

Amazing Ampharos
4 years ago#16
As someone who has logged thousands of hours into smash, I can say that the GC controller is excellent. The unique button lay-out is far superior to a traditional square for certain types of games (and smash is certainly among them), and the octo-gate on the stick is very, very nice (and should probably be a standard on analogue sticks given that almost all games are looking for input in either a cardinal direction or pure diagonal; smash certainly does... especially important for inputting grab escapes optimally). The dpad is pretty bad (but not as bad as sometimes suggested), and the lack of ZL and select can be problems for ports (but generally not problems for native games as 8 buttons, 2 sticks, and a dpad is plenty to work with really).

It's also not all about placement; it's also about internals on the parts. Nintendo controllers consistently have the best quality parts out of mainstream controllers. The buttons have a consistently perfect amount of resistance while being hyper-responsive, and the sticks are always just marvelous (other than the N64 stick which is terrible, but it was the first and wasn't really competing with anything else at the time). They also tend to withstand wear better than the competitors.

PS2 controllers are pretty much the easiest to single out as being terrible in all these regards. The buttons feel awful from the start (the face buttons are too shallow, and the flaw with start and select should just be obvious), the sticks are loose and unresponsive, and the thing ages terribly (I swear every last old PS2 controller I've ever seen has L2 and R2 buttons that are so sticky as to require repeated inputs to register). That's basically the story with every controller Sony makes though we could point out that with PS3 controllers you get all the same problems the PS2 had with far inferior L2 and R2 I could also carry on and on about the terrible design of the Sony dpad with those harsh, triangular corners which gave me the only blister I've ever gotten playing video games (since, you know, the right way to use a dpad is to move your finger around the center to minimize movement... which is a good way to hurt yourself on a Sony controller since you're just ramming into the corners). Microsoft's stuff tends to be better than Sony's (a lot better, ignoring their very first attempt made for use by giants only), but it still doesn't really compete with Nintendo's for quality (on the 360, I dislike the feel on LB and RB, and there's no real need to talk about that dpad that makes the GC one look really good).

Also, for 2d games, the classic controller pro is the best controller ever made by far. It's basically an upgraded SNES controller; the dpad in particular is the smoothest, most responsive dpad I've ever used. As per their sticks, all their Wii generation sticks were hyper-responsive, probably even better than GC sticks (which are themselves better than anything Sony or Microsoft ever made) though I do miss the octo-gate (if smash 4 detects inputs like melee and brawl, I might mod a Wii U controller to add an octo-gate, seriously). The Wii Remote in general is pretty awesome once you begin to understand the kinds of "inputs" the motion detector is looking for (particular ways you move your hand, boot up Twilight Princess and just swing your sword at max speed for a while until you get a feel for it, and all Wii games become easier), and for games with input schemes that allow it, Wiichuck is pretty great since you can relax your arms while playing. The Gamepad is also a nice controller; for how it looks, it's very ergonomic.

Nintendo is also the last bastion of resistance to clickable sticks, and I love them for it. That is the most awkward thing to input on any mainstream controller ever.

Sorry to carry on, but seriously, Nintendo makes by far the best controllers on the market, and it's one of their big hardware selling points. I'd use Nintendo controllers for every game if I had converters. This topic is completely wrong.

User Info: RioichiCooper

4 years ago#17
The Gamecube controller was the best.
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User Info: CranberryPSO

4 years ago#18
GameCube is hit and miss. On some types of games the controller was perfect, but games using the D-Pad extensively were a chore on the GameCube.
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User Info: Wii_Truth

4 years ago#19
The Wavebird would like a word with you.
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User Info: mahgah91

4 years ago#20
CranberryPSO posted...
GameCube is hit and miss. On some types of games the controller was perfect, but games using the D-Pad extensively were a chore on the GameCube.

Not to mention anything that used the C-stick extensively, a.k.a. anything reliant on quick camera control.
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