your reaction ninendo anouces SUPER METROID HD made by wayforword

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User Info: trenken

4 years ago#51
Eh I dont know. The same game but in HD? Meh. Id honestly rather them just work on a new metroid game like Super Metroid. To spend all that time just HD-ing it, seems like a total waste to me.
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User Info: CranberryPSO

4 years ago#52
I think so. Isn't a meme basically something that becomes pretty popular and starts getting repeated a lot? It seems like I've been seeing these "your reaction" topics pop up rather frequently lately.

LordPoncho posted...
CranberryPSO posted...
Are these "your reaction" topics a new board meme?

A. Do you even know what a meme is?

B. These topics have been happening since the dawn of gaming message boards.
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User Info: sarevokmb

4 years ago#53
ElectricMole posted...
senelcoolidge_ posted...
Have you played any one of those games or just making asinine remarks?

yeah i played Silent Hill B.O.M. It really sucks.

Saying it sucks is really harsh. You might not have liked it, but I, and many others, thought it was amazing. Honestly, the best SH game I've played since SH3. Not perfect, but an excellent dungeon crawler. Personally, my second favorite Vita game (after Persona 4 G)

Asellus posted...
Asellus posted...
uh yea NO super metroid is NOT a remake of metroid 1

Same planet. Same areas. Same enemies. Same bosses. Same power ups. Same music.

It adds to it, sure, it takes place later in continuity but in asmuch as a remake is reenvisioning of the original game Super Metroid is most definitely a remake of Metroid 1.

No.... Just... No.

- Same planet, sure. Most games take place on the same planet as their predecessor.

- Same areas. Not really. You revisit some areas, but that is less than 1/4 of the game, and most games allow you to do this. Is Metal Gear Solid 4 a remake of Metal Gear Solid just because you go to Shadow Moses Island for over 1/4 of the game?

- Same enemies. It has a few recurring enemies. So do all of the Metroid games, and almost every sequel ever made. Is Mass Effect 2 a remake of Mass Effect, because you fight a lot of Geth, Turians, and Batarians?

- Same bosses. It has some recurring bosses. Guess what. Almost every Metroid game features these bosses. Are all Metroid games remakes of the original? I suppose Metal Gear Solid 3 and 4 are remakes of MGS1 again because you fight recurring bosses in these games too. Heck, you fight Revolver Ocelot in practically every MGS game

- Same power ups. Ummm. No? You get a few that are the same, but do you get X-Ray vision in Metroid 1? How about power bombs? Super missiles? Grapple beam? Gravity suit?

- Same music? Yeah, it shares a few songs. So does EVERY OTHER METROID GAME. It also has tons of songs that are exclusive to it.

It also has a new story that takes place after the original and Metroid 2, making it a sequel. You really need to learn what the difference between a sequel and remake are. The title of "METROID 3" when you start the game, is a pretty big clue as well.
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