Do people really think everything is going great?

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User Info: TheBonfini

4 years ago#91
It's pretty apparent everyone loves Nintendo but hates the Wii-U. The Gamepad is an over priced flop but 3DS is still handheld king and it's completely possible to be successful if one market is dominated so much. Nintendoomed? No way. WiiUdoom? Maybe.
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User Info: Nytroxide

4 years ago#93
KrazyDago101 posted...
IMO, they abandoned hardcore gamers and went for the easy money of youngster's parents. Hardcore gamers are essential to a console's success because they require a quality product and standards are thus kept at an acceptable level. This is one of the reasons I think the PS4 will win next gen, but that is neither here nor there.

The hardcore gamers are the easy money. They're the ones that are easy to sell to compared to youngster's parents. Also, if hardcore gamers are essential to a console's success, then why did the 360 and the PS3 sold less than the Wii, and don't give that "sales don't equal quality" bull**** because if that were true, then games like Bomberman: Act Zero, Lair, and Rogue Warrior are good despite they sold like garbage; not to mention, all those hardcore-pandering game companies shutting down, and don't blame the economy because a good economy can tolerate bad businesses, but a bad economy can't.

User Info: ClarkyMalarky

4 years ago#94
You're forgetting that most of you "hardcore" gamers have moved onto PC.
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User Info: atopp399

4 years ago#95
I do not think it is going great. I think the games are coming much, much later than they should have. However, I do not believe Nintendo is in danger of having to drop out of the console business. They have more than enough cash to weather the storm.

The few games I have played are really fun. I really like that the controls of the Wii U are more traditional vs the waggle fest of the past. If the second screen of the gamepad is utilized well it is a nice addition to game.
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User Info: jakestar0306

4 years ago#96
I really hope the mods actually come back to this board one day and remember it exists.
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User Info: Hinatapwns

4 years ago#97
This thread is TL;DR, so I'm just gonna post my opinion here.

I've played Nintendo games for as long as I can remember. I've owned every Nintendo home console since SNES, though I don't have Wii U since I'm not interested in any games on it right now. A majority of AAA blockbuster games have been 3rd party multi-platform games that couldn't be brought to the Wii due to its lack of HD graphics. The very second that 3rd party starts focusing on developing solely on "Next Generation" games, the Wii U will only have it's 1st party to fall back on.

Since it looks like most casual Wii owners haven't decided to pick up the next console, 1st party alone just isn't going to be enough for Nintendo this generation. IMHO I truly think the Wii U could very well be Nintendo's last home console. It seems to be only now that their decision to shift their focus to the more casual side is coming back to haunt them. They seemed to forget that it's the core crowd that has always bought their games and systems and supported them since they saved the industry nearly 30 years ago. Last generation, it can be said that they shunned many core gamers with the Wii. They'll have to focus on the handheld market where they've always had, and continue to do very well in if they don't want to become solely a developer like Sega.

User Info: TheBonfini

4 years ago#98
ClarkyMalarky posted...
You're forgetting that most of you "hardcore" gamers have moved onto PC.

Only Nintendo only fans have top tier gaming systems suddenly because graphical fidelity doesn't matter. Other peasants have to play on capable consoles to enjoy many more games.
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User Info: NintendoGamer83

4 years ago#99
bigdg912 posted...
Sony has many revenue sources. They make CD/DVD/Blu-Ray players along with many other products. They can afford to take a hit in their PlayStation division and still be profitable.

The fact Sony loses billions shows that isnt true...
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User Info: KrazyDago101

4 years ago#100
Wow, I did not expect such large amount responses. I see some fanboyism skimming through the posts, but many good ones as well. I'm sorry if some of the exact info was a few months old, but point is they are lagging behind by a large margin. That is not a good place to be in this market. Sega? Nintendo will follow the same fate, with much better effect.
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