What is the point of Panorama view?

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User Info: RedOrion

4 years ago#11
STN79 posted...
I might actually try it if it didn't cost money. Something like this doesn't seem like they should charge for it.

download the free trailer and make up your mind, i'd still prefer that they sold it all together for one price though.

User Info: cyberpik

4 years ago#12
The trailer is cool and all...but I don't see myself buying any of the videos.

User Info: UC27

4 years ago#13
To me this is more of a tech demo than anything else. Don't get me wrong, it's an impressive tech demo, and it's fun to spot the Easter eggs like the sea monster in the double decker tour, but in the end the only thing it left me wondering was what if they could figure out a way to do Panorama style gaming. That could be a complete and total sliver of gaming insanity. Like maybe a haunted house game or something in which you have to look around you or behind you. Innovation like that could really sell a system if implemented correctly.

The bottom line is that even this simple tech demo of short videos is something done in a way that neither Sony (unless they try it with the Vita) or Xbox (unless they figure out how to use it via smart glass) just cannot do.

But even if they can do it the Wii U is the only system that was made with the panoramic idea in mind and the only one which can do it right out of the box with nothing else to buy.
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