Wii U virtual console in 16:9?

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User Info: MilesTeg420

4 years ago#21
I agree TC. Games using sprites don't look that bad being stretched and I would prefer the option. I see no real reason to upgrade at this point in time.

User Info: LordPoncho

4 years ago#22
People disagree with TC, "hurr Nintendo Defense Force, you guys are the worst."

Yet, nobody defended them. They gave you their opinion. And that opinion is that it would look terrible. Grow up.
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User Info: PinapleProducer

4 years ago#23
kvmer posted...
Look at your Gamepad while playing Kirby's Adventure. The black borders ARE NOT THAT BIG.

If this is the case, if in regard to nothing else but the gamepad itself, then why are you complaining? They're obviously not that big.
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User Info: MilesTeg420

4 years ago#24
It really wouldn't look horrible. PS3 allows you to stretch the screen for PS1/PS2 games and it doesn't look that bad. Whoever said it would look terrible in HD is wrong. The games would look just as they did on Wii VC. As if no one ever played their Wii on an HDTV...

There really is no excuse to not have the option. It's 2013 and people want to use their widescreen TV and Gamepad to the fullest. Like I said PS3 lets you do either or, and Wii VC stretches the screen, so really no excuse.

User Info: gkaiser25

4 years ago#25
kvmer posted...
You people are unbelievable.

I keep saying that I prefer stretching. I'm NOT the only one. And you people keep replying that it would look terrible. Look at your Gamepad while playing Kirby's Adventure. The black borders ARE NOT THAT BIG. Are you really going to tell me that the OPTION for stretching would make the game look terrible? It would hardly make a difference.

Once again, I just want the option. I understand a lot of people will prefer the 4:3 ratio. But frankly I don't care. Because I DON'T. All I'm asking for is an option. Yet five people immediately jump to Nintendo's aid for no apparent reason. Are you all really so arrogant that because you prefer 4:3, everyone else should?

This blind Nintendo defending is almost sickening. I've spent thousands and thousands of bucks on Nintendo over the course of my entire life. That does not mean they don't deserve criticism. I really didn't come here for a discussion. I'm sick of Nintendo not including options that have been the standard on other consoles for over ten years.

Like playing VC NES games on the 3DS. Controls feel extremely unnatural because A and B are "reversed". How hard would it be to include the option to customise controls? Really, it's all basic, simple stuff. The way they're handling their virtual consoles is unbelievable.

I would like that option too playing it on 4:3 just bother me intensely
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User Info: TheWhoFan

4 years ago#26
tizzywilkillyou posted...
kvmer posted...
But it's also perfectly understandable that other people are bothered by black borders.

No it's not. Not when the cost is stretching a 4:3 image. It looks absolutely TERRIBLE. I suppose people have preferences, but the stretching looks downright awful and I absolutely can't understand how anyone would prefer that.

The Wii never bothered me; pressed one button my TV remote to squash it back down to the native aspect ratio.

Get off your high horse. The TC is just asking if there's the option to play the game the way he wants. He's not forcing anything on you, so why the eff do you think you need to be so defensive about it? You don't like it, fine. Don't use it.

I don't care about 4:3 to 16:9 stretching, and I wouldn't play that way, but your holier-than-thou attitude is sickening.
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User Info: chrisinthehouse

4 years ago#27
Hey TC: I don't understand why anyone would hate the black borders on the screen. Can't you just imagine that the black borders are part of the tv?

Back in the 90's all the tv were 4:3. So obviously, all the games were designed for that aspect ratio.

I understand that now you prefer to play the games distorted and looking like crap. But why make such a big deal for not having a option that didn't even exist in the first place when games like this one came out. Can't you just play the game with the correct aspect ratio?

I imagine that you didn't play games back then because you couldn't stretch them.
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