Wii U, Nintendo and the Smell of Death

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User Info: Ghetto_ninja

4 years ago#31
This isn't anything new Wii only did good because it actually did something novel that improved the gameplay experience with motion gaming but then move came out and all the good third party Wii games got ported to PS3 with HD graphics and added features and Wii faded into obscurity. Now Wii U is just barely clinging to life scavenging off ports and first party remakes. Who wants to play a game using a giant tablet as a controller?
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User Info: bleedingelite

4 years ago#32
GEKGanon posted...
Why is it that Nintendo skips doing a big E3 conference, and everyone calls "DOOM!" It isn't a requirement for game developers to have a monster blowout conference.

Hell, Nintendo has sat out the Tokyo Game Show for YEARS. What does that signify? They used to throw their own monster blowout called Spaceworld, but the last one was in 2000. They haven't done once since. What does that signify?

A lot of their big announcements have come from the Leipzig convention in Germany... but Sony and Microsoft, not so much. Do I see and furious German people screaming about how Sony and Microsoft are doomed? No. It is just a press conference. Settle the hell down.

The people who are saying "doom" are the same shmucks who've been hanging around for the past 6 months talking about how much they don't like nintendo.

User Info: UtterMoon

4 years ago#33
nonexistinghero posted...
You mean like how FF VS XIII was released mere months after the PS3's launch...

I'll be honest..I was never ever excited for FF VS XIII, nor would that ever be a reason for me to buy a specific console..and the fact that the game still hasn't been released hasn't made me any more excited for the PS4.

But I will agree that all games can be pushed back, that the lineup for the PS4 and Xbox Infinity may not be what we get on their launch days. But neither console has yet to fail, and I am optimistic that both consoles will have good launch titles and good quarter 1 titles.

The Wii-U launch did fail however, and at the moment there is only one game with a release date 6 months after the consoles release. Even if all of the exclusives somehow get pushed back, the third party games that are no-where to be found on the Wii-U (such as The Witcher 3 and Watch Dogs) would make a purchase of one of those consoles worth it.

In my honest opinion Nintendo should stop making consoles. They should focus on their handheld systems and they should become a 3rd party game company. And I think this is a very realistic possibility, if Nintendo grew up a little and realized they are no longer the mecca of gaming.

User Info: nonexistinghero

4 years ago#34
I disagree with you about that. Exclusives drive systems. They're why you purchase a system. Yes, Nintendo did fail in delivering games in since after launch, but there's already so many great 1st party games announced that you won't be able to get on other systems.

While I don't think Nintendo will catch on as well as the Wii did with the Wii U, I do think they'll perform good enough. The Wii U offers something different that you can't get on other systems or on the PC. The PS4 really doesn't and since most games also go to PC, there's really no reason to not just get a PC instead and have even better graphics and performance.

The Xbox 3 is probably the same story. Although MS might try to get most sales through contracts and whatnot (like the pay $100 for a 360, then $15 a month for a year or 2). I suspect they'll try to push that kind of thing. In terms of experience they'll probably push Kinect 2 (which can be used with PC and is mostly just for gimmicky games).

Given that information, I'd say Sony and MS need to break through some walls as well. It won't be easy for either of them to take the throne, considering they are pretty much competing with PC's directly with their next consoles.
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User Info: superh

4 years ago#35
I don't get all this "nintendo is scared" stuff. They went to E3 every year with the Wii vs Xbox and PS3. Wtf? People on these boards think nothing through just want to say something bad about nintendo. i really dont get why tehy don't just shut up and play games. nobody forces the mto paly wii u o anything nintendo.

heck i gone months without reading anything to do with Nintendo as i haven't been keeping up to date... ho hard can it be to shut out something you hate from your life if a fan can do it by accident....
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User Info: Mecha Sonic

Mecha Sonic
4 years ago#36
From: gamewhooper181 | #002
They're also forecasting a $1 billion profit for the next fiscal year.

another target for them to miss, just like they've missed forecasts for the last two years

User Info: Buretsu

4 years ago#37
Mecha Sonic posted...
From: gamewhooper181 | #002
They're also forecasting a $1 billion profit for the next fiscal year.

another target for them to miss, just like they've missed forecasts for the last two years

And if they miss that target like they did this latest one, they'll only have made around $500 million in profit. But I guess someone will probably find a way to make profit out as a bad thing.
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User Info: UtterMoon

4 years ago#38
Exclusives are a very important part of any system. And yes Nintendo does have a lot of exclusives. But the reason that the Wii sold so well was that it was cheap, it became the console that sat next to your 'real' console. And that was the reason it sold more in the late stages of its lifetime, because it only costed 100-200 bucks.

But again, it comes down to games. And the Wii-U will rely too heavily on its exclusives, because as a game system it isn't powerful enough to run The Witcher 3, Watch Dogs, etc. The Wii-U cannot compete with PC or the next generation of consoles. And at its current price, and lack of good games its more than likely going to fail.

However. I think it might become good in 3 or 4 years when the price is around 100 dollars and there is an actual library of games. Until then though the system may as well not even exist. It wont compete, it cant compete and the sad truth is that the Wii-U isn't a next generation console, that its going to get left behind and picked up by many on a whim, instead of being picked up because its an amazing system with a library of amazing games.

I don't see Nintendo as a console company, their biggest source of income and their best games are for the most part found on their handheld systems. I think they should develop 3rd party games, because they are not what they once were.

User Info: nonexistinghero

4 years ago#39
UtterMoon, stop uttering BS. Watchdogs is confirmed for the Wii U... and even the 360 and PS3 can run it. The Witcher franchise is niche, the 3rd game will be lucky if they manage to sell over 500k worldwide. The other next-gen consoles can't compete with PC either (yeah, graphics get close. But the PC gets the same games, better performance, better online and the use of custom mods... on top of being free).

And really, why the hell are you assuming the other 2 consoles are released with a ton of good games? Seriously, if you don't know s*** just don't open your mouth -__-
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User Info: bluesplus1

4 years ago#40
I've have the smell of death crawl up my flared, frightened nostrils and this does not even close to that.

It smells more like the uncertainty of change.
XBL name - bluesplus1
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