So, I'm a bit confused about Nintendo's E3..

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  3. So, I'm a bit confused about Nintendo's E3..

User Info: SuperJoshi07

4 years ago#1
I get that they're not having a big on-stage press conference/show, but are they doing some sort of online Nintendo Direct instead, or multiple Directs, or something? I've been hearing mixed answers about that.
And they're still having a whole section with kiosks and demos, right? It's not like they'll be totally gone, or anything.
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User Info: rudgerlight

4 years ago#2
They're going to have a video presentation and then let the press in earlier than usual. That's about the only thing confirmed to happen (other than a lack of a big stage show). Nintendo said they haven't finalized the format yet. So if you hear much more, it's probably just speculation unless you hear it from Nintendo. It could be multiple directs, it could be something totally different. Nobody really knows cause they haven't said.

User Info: McMarbles

4 years ago#3
*Picard double facepalm*

*sigh* YES, they will have all that stuff at E3. They're just not doing the big press show.
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User Info: Sakurafanboy

4 years ago#4
I believe they confirmed Nintendo Directs.
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User Info: IlikeBacon16

4 years ago#5
There will be at least one Nintendo Direct, that much we know. Nintendo confirmed that they will be showing 2 events on Tuesday June 11th, one to the investors and such, and one to the fans.

So I expect 3D Mario, Mario Kart, SBB4 to be announced on or by June 11th. =3
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  3. So, I'm a bit confused about Nintendo's E3..

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