What upcoming WiiU games are you pumped for?

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User Info: ChrisObama

4 years ago#11
Im more hyped for the ps4 than any wii u games coming out for now.
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User Info: TalentedM

4 years ago#12
Windwaker HD, Bayonetta 2 and anything else that peaks my intrests in the coming months. Maybe Pikmin, I loved the others but I am going to wait on it.
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User Info: Zero280

4 years ago#13
Mario Kart
Super Smash Bros.
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User Info: Phasmatis92

4 years ago#14
Monolith Soft's X
Yarn Yoshi
Bayonetta 2
Pikmin 3
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User Info: Captainlunatic

4 years ago#15
Pikmin 3 and possibly Wind Waker, really though other than that nothing seems very interesting.
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User Info: andizzle29662

4 years ago#16
I'm really pumped for X.
Most wanted: bioshock infinite, 3d mario game for WiiU, pokemon x, metro last light, animal crossing, pikmin 3, luigi mansion 2, and more.

User Info: Smelly_Goomba

4 years ago#17
The Wonderful 101
Bayonetta 2
Pikmin 3
Monolith Soft's "X"
Retro's new game
Wind Waker HD
3D Mario
Smash 4

I think it is horrific that you guys aren't hyped for TW101.

This is from the man that created/directed/I don't know and I don't care what you call it Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe, Okami and Bayonetta.
Never mind the fact that Platinum Games is a top tier studio.\

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User Info: _Sovereign_

4 years ago#18
All that are announced currently. I play all games as Hell hath no fury like a gamer defined by meaningless terms.

Extremely excited for T101, P3, RER, DEHR as those are closer than the rest
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User Info: NejiHyuga900

4 years ago#19
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD
The Legend of Zelda Wii U (untitled)
Mario Kart U
Super Mario (untitled)
Super Smash Bros. Wii U (untitled)
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User Info: GoombaX

4 years ago#20
all first party titles
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Currently Playing: Dark Souls, Injustice, MvC 2, SMW
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