WII U sales appear to be pretty successful, what's the worry?

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User Info: lonlonmilklover

4 years ago#1

3,200,000 PS3 after six months.
2,900,000 X360 after six months.

3,400,000 WII U .......after five months.

Just because it doesn't touch the Wii at its mindboggling 4,007,149 sales in 3 months doesn't mean it's failing.

User Info: The_Shadow_Link

4 years ago#2
Initial sales were good.

It's the sales now that are concerning. Barely even making 50,000. Xbox 360 and PS3 never dropped that low.

That's what everyone who has concerns about sales are saying. Even Nintendo slashed the expected sales from 5.5 million to 4 million, and then they didn't even reach that,
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User Info: DiscostewSM

4 years ago#3
Unless Nintendo is able to sell more per month than they are now, it'll start to fall behind the PS3 and 360 as the months roll on.
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User Info: STN79

4 years ago#4
Nintendo is doing fine. It'll get better as more games are released. The trolls are just trying to convince themselves that Nintendo will fail. For some strange reason they want the company that saved videogames to go under. That's like hating Ice cream or something.
I guess when you're miserable you wanna drag others down with you.

User Info: spacejamjordanz

4 years ago#5
The worry comes from the sharp decline in sales after the holidays, and Nintendo even slashing it's expectations and still not meeting them.
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User Info: lonlonmilklover

4 years ago#6
STN79 posted...

I guess when you're miserable you wanna drag others down with you.

Well put.

I'm enjoying Wii U games, and planning on buying Ni No Kuno for PS3 and then Forza Horizon, for Xbox 360. Glad to have such variety in exclusives!

User Info: DoomsSD

4 years ago#7

Nintendoomed since forever!
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User Info: Lelouch71

4 years ago#8
The problem is the system to continuing to sell at it current pace with little support. It would allow Sony the opening they need to go back to being number 1 if they don't improve within the upcoming months. I have no doubt it will bounce back but Nintendo will need to help generate sales for the system if they want to stay ahead of the competition.
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User Info: star_guy_100

4 years ago#9
overall its not bad at all. if you look at it month by month, and look at the overall trend of sales for the wii u, its about as bad as it can get.

User Info: UtterMoon

4 years ago#10
As some have said Nintendos sales have not been good lately, and I don't see any reason for them to get better within the next 6 months. I actually see them getting much worse when the next generation of consoles comes out near the end of the year.

The Wii did so good because it was cheap, because it was the console that sat down beside your real gaming system. And unless Nintendo drops the price for the Wii-U I don't see it getting better because 350 dollars is too much for a console that only has a handful of mediocre games.

However. When the Wii-U does drop in price (probably in a few years) the sales will pick up. But those few years will be damaging, and lately Nintendo has been surviving off of their handheld system..which will only last for so long.
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