Post Update, Wii U Not Working for Me

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User Info: nikowwf

4 years ago#1
Note: I'm asking about MY system and me. I'm not making a blanket assumption about Wii U, etc. so if any thought the update might have done something offends you go slog off in the corner. For those who know even the best products can break occasionally...

Post update i downloaded two VC games, and Rayman Demo (New) and the Panorama things. Anyway, after i downloaded them i didn't play anymore. Right now i turned on the system and it was super slow booting up. I tried then to do the transfer of data in MH and the 3DS is not seeing the WiiU Wireless. Then cancelling on the WiiU cancels the system.

Trying to reboot it wouldn't boot up. I then tried again and it did, but tried to go to system settings to check wireless but it crashed.

Anything anyone experienced? Anything that can be done save calling Nintendo?

User Info: nikowwf

4 years ago#2
Sorry, cancelling the command on the system crashes (not cancels) the WiiU. Wrote that too fast.

User Info: nikowwf

4 years ago#3
And it just started working just fine like nothing was ever wrong.

Would you call Nintendo and ask about it or should i wait till it (if it) stops working again?

Strange...hopefully just a momentary hiccup.

User Info: woody71

4 years ago#4
where/when did you buy it??

some if not most will let you trade it in for a new one if you play your cards right you could get a e shop card for downloaded games you lost
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User Info: nil_cam

4 years ago#5
I'd unplug the system completely for a minute or so then turn it on and check things out. If it's still acting strange, contact Nintendo. Their customer service is top notch.

User Info: Faceman_

4 years ago#6
Sounds like a personal problem, TC.

User Info: nikowwf

4 years ago#7
I've had it since launch. Hopefully it doesn't repeat, if not i'll call. Before today i literally had NOTHING wrong, not even a momentary stoppage.

User Info: Socran

4 years ago#8
nikowwf posted...
Note: I'm asking about MY system and me. I'm not making a blanket assumption about Wii U, etc.

Good to know.

Anyway, my initial advice would have been to keep trying to boot up the system again until, at the very least, you got a consistent problem. It seems you did have about three problems in a row, but they were completely different issues, so it's hard to tell exactly what was going on. If it got to the point where it crashed the same way every time, then we could maybe find out what happened more easily.

But it sounds like it eventually just started working again. It seems like the system might have just needed to get the update to "settle in", but that's just a guess. I remember having issues like that with some game patches and so forth (like a Skyrim patch that caused a dragon to glitch up because I had last saved in the middle of fighting him). Come back if something else starts happening, and remember to point out what happened in the past. Until then, we can assume it was just a hiccup.
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User Info: nikowwf

4 years ago#9
It's working fine this morning and is actually faster. Noticeably faster. Whew....fingers crossed.

BTW, on MH3U when i tried to download DLC it said i have the systems set not to receive DLC. Is that a game option or a system option? It's not like i have DLC anywhere else so it's not something i even think about.
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