Do Wii games actually look better on Wii U?

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User Info: STN79

4 years ago#1
I remember while playing skyward sword on Wii for some reason i could barely read the text. I usually noticed that only when trying to play HD games on a non HD TV. Skyward sword is not HD though so i don't know what the problem was. Most of my other games looked decent but i'm wondering if they'd look more crisp on Wii U. Have you tried any Wii games yet?

User Info: ImGanondorfLol

4 years ago#2
All I can say is that with an HDMI cable it looks horrible, when I played Skyward Sword you couldn't even see Link's face. I've never tried it with composite cables. Super Mario Galaxy didn't look as bad though. The game looked much better with a non-HD TV, I had no problem reading the text, it was really clear.

User Info: Soanevalcke6

4 years ago#3
If you you used the cables that came with the Wii, yes, the Wii U will look better because Yoou are used to 480i and the Wii U will show it in 480p. If you had Component Cables for your Wii already, then no, it won't look better.
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User Info: jackorhoads

4 years ago#4
Without sounding rude I think its more wishful thinking by most people.
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User Info: TheCelticArcher

4 years ago#5
Twilight Princess looked better imo
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User Info: STN79

4 years ago#6
Hmm maybe i'll just have to load up skyward sword in my Wii U and give it a look.
Seems there's alot of mixed opinions on this.

User Info: RetroFanGirl

4 years ago#7
There's less noise in the signal, but the resolution is still the same as the original Wii with components.

User Info: iphys

4 years ago#8
With HDMI, it looks ever so slightly better than the Wii component video I'd say (and definitely much better than composite), but I think there's also maybe 1 frame of lag that you get because it's a digital rather than analog signal. BTW, if you do ever use the Wii component cable with the Wii U, I don't recommend setting your Wii U to 1080p though, as I found the image wavers around slightly in a way it doesn't on the Wii or a Wii U set to 480p or 720p.
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