Was there really a point in making the Wiiu HD?

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  3. Was there really a point in making the Wiiu HD?

User Info: nintenden24

4 years ago#11
Pokerkid777 posted...
I don't know what HD is!

User Info: r7gerrabbit

4 years ago#12
As a PC gamer what people call "HD" is standard and has been standard across all games since the early 2000's. The 1990's if you were rich.

All "HD" refers to is the resolution. Nothing more...

User Info: TheUnboundOne

4 years ago#13
Pokerkid777 posted...
So far this so called "high-definition" hasn't exactly been the best of things to do. As we have been seeing, several companies making hd games still have not even been able to break even with the costs associated of making the game filled with graphical fidelity. Rather it seems more of a waste of time, money, and a determinate to time that could be spent on improving gameplay. Anyone agree?

Wow, perhaps you should step outside of your information bubble and fact check at least one of your points. Anyways if the WiiU wasn't "HD" as you put it then they would have just released a peripheral controller for Wii.
Truth is only known once you step outside the information bubble.

User Info: strongo9

4 years ago#14
Is TC really that dumb?

ITT: video games would be better of is we continued to play them all in 240p.
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User Info: Discomaster

4 years ago#15
HD just means that the native display uses a high resolution, above the normal 480 horizontal lines. It provides a more clear image. The difference can be seen in games with simple graphics like Worms Armageddon as they can with highly detailed graphics like Final Fantasy XIII.

User Info: _Sovereign_

4 years ago#16
TC I have to disagree mainly for this reason - Nintendo games sell continually unlike their competitors titles ( talking about at full price). They make their money back and the cycle continues. Just look at lifetime sales figures of 3D Mario or Mario Kart from any generation and compare it with what would have been it's top competitor and see how the sales compare.

Keep in mind that Nintendo titles usually never drop in price until it's very late in a consoles life, whereas others are dropped much quicker for the "next big game".

They may be having some difficulties due to smaller teams but Nintendo will be fine with HD gaming, and the cycle will repeat. The day the cycle is officially broken, is the end of all gaming as we know it.
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User Info: ElectricMole

4 years ago#17
MilesTeg420 posted...
Yeah there was. So the games don't look like poo on every TV out there.

correction: SMEARED poo. 480p is a blurry mess on a 1080p tv.
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User Info: Rival_Blue_1999

4 years ago#18
Even though HD is never a deciding factor for me I just have to say Rayman + HD=HOLY SH** THAT IS CLEAR!
Nintendo Network: Jon_14
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