Why are people so fixated on the price of PS4/720 vs. Wii U?

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  3. Why are people so fixated on the price of PS4/720 vs. Wii U?

User Info: rafiiilla

4 years ago#21
VanderZoo posted...
Price is the last bastion. Originally it went like this:

"Sony can't afford to make another console"
"OK they are making another console, but they can't afford to make it powerful"
"OK it's powerful, but Sony can't afford to lose money on it so it will be expensive"

If it's affordable, then the fanboys have nothing left to fall back on.

haha, sad but true
NNID: rafiiilla

User Info: Tech_Guy

4 years ago#22
Interestingly enough we have some price info on the Xbox.


The lower cost option is $499.00 with no subscription required with the higher price point of $299.00 plus a 2 year subscription to Xbox Live at $10 per month for an ending price of $539.00 That's going to make a huge difference to parents buying for their kids but not so much gamers buying their own devices.

I only skimmed the article initially but this wasn't from an official MS source but I could see this being true. What do you guys think?
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User Info: ska_dude101

4 years ago#23
TheUnboundOne posted...
I don't care. I... make good money. As long as PS4/720 it doesn't cost as much as a NeoGeo used to I don't care.

This. I'm not over 30, but I have a good, salaried job. As long as it's not something completely insane, it doesn't really matter.
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  3. Why are people so fixated on the price of PS4/720 vs. Wii U?

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