Mario kart double dash the last best mario kart?

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User Info: Second_Hokage

4 years ago#1
Everything after it was SOOO casual!

Ater mario kart DD, the roads became wider, the turns became wider, everything became wide! You no longer needed skill lol

User Info: TheCelticArcher

4 years ago#2
Mario Kart has always been casual.
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User Info: Bahamut_10th

4 years ago#3
Double Dash is the only bad Mario Kart.

It's not a Wii game yet it's more gimmicky than Mk Wii.

User Info: NamcoMuseum2

4 years ago#4
Super Circuit had the worst gameplay, but it had some cool course ideas.
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User Info: Sable_Knight

4 years ago#5
Casual games derp derp.
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User Info: tizzywilkillyou

4 years ago#6
Bahamut_10th posted...
Double Dash is the only bad Mario Kart.

It's definitely my least favorite console version.

User Info: ChibiJ

4 years ago#7
...Odd I loved DD.
It's my favorite with DS/Wii at a close second.

User Info: ShiNoBinn

4 years ago#8
Double Dash was pretty terrible... most of Nintendos first party offerings on the Gamecube were pretty bad tbh w/the exception of TTYD and Melee and to a lesser extent, WW.(Not commenting on Prime since I didn't play it)
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User Info: Godstriker8

4 years ago#9
Yeah, DD is my favourite.
I'm just dickin aroouunnnd

User Info: iKhanic

4 years ago#10
AHAHAHAHA good one

Mario Kart DD is one of my least favorite mario games of all time.

They made a bunch of items, but they restricted half of them to characters you might not even want to choose. Want to use the triple shells?, sorry you have to choose the koopas.

The driving mechanics were also annoying, and it had terrible asymmetric multiplayer as well.
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