The Wii U will pick up soon

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User Info: Asellus

4 years ago#11
To me, it seems obvious that once the PS4 and new Xbox are out and are priced too high for the mainstream, and PS3 and 360 are on their way out, people will buy Wii U's and plenty of them.

Just like with the Gamecube, right?

User Info: deathslove

4 years ago#12
People are not waiting to see the other prices of ps4 and 720, if they wanted a wii U they would already buy it. If they don't think the wii U is worth it and have not bought it yet, seeing a little bit of a higher price for ps4/720 that actually has games they will still buy the ps4/720.

Not to mention you don't know what price they will be.

User Info: ymmac1707

4 years ago#13
the wii u will be everyone's second system and thats not a bad thing, again pc+wii u for the win

User Info: JKatarn

4 years ago#14
I don't think a higher pricetag on the PS4/720 will automatically convert people to the Wii-U. The release of new first/quality third-party exclusives will move more systems. If people don't find anything they like in the current library, the PS4/720 being somewhat more expensive isn't going to push them to Nintendo. It is all about the games when it comes down to it after all.
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User Info: biggy204

4 years ago#15
bdavis93 posted...
Another 3D pokemon game like XD:Gale of Darkness would probably be a console-mover for me, and perhaps several others. Nintendo should really probably do that. Pokémon is one of their biggest console movers.

Yes this game needs another version of it for the Wii U and the touchpad can act like a Pokedex.
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