Does anyone else hope that the Wii U fails...

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User Info: BeerOnTap

4 years ago#41
cybersonic233 posted...
I dont want to fail coz then it will be only fps games getting made

Haas this guy has a legitimate point if you think about it.

User Info: MasterLink2012

4 years ago#42
I hope that you fail.

User Info: MasterLink2012

4 years ago#43
Of course not. What kind of idiot would hope that..

User Info: Mudkip_in_Space

4 years ago#44
This is like death.
Nintendo would lose so much money
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User Info: aluminafalcon

4 years ago#45
CyricsServant posted...
aluminafalcon posted...
How is a system that intergrates your tv, cable and game console a gimmick?

Because the net result of that system is several unique, but ultimately non-compelling, features that the vast majority of us won't use.

I can do practically everything i need for my living room from one simple touch screen interface.

Which is cool conceptually, but how many of us actually expect that to enhance our gaming experience? When (if) I eventually buy the Wii U, I'm never going to bother playing a game from my bathroom or my kitchen. I'm just going to plop down in front of my TV so I can get the big-screen experience.

sure it doesnt have the horsepower the microsoft or sony will have but the functionality is much better.

I don't know about that. Kinect delivers a bunch of novel, though ultimately trivial, features too, like voice command and the ability to scroll through menus without a controller.

I really don't know how any of that improves my gaming experience though. It seems like tech experimentation for novelty's sake imo.

point taken, every customer has different priorities and that should be taken into mind when considering purchase the wii u imo ties together the living room better than any other product including apple tv google tv and roku. I personally prefer handhelds as my gaming time is usually during prime time or in bed right before sleep, the wii u serves perfect for my customer needs in this capacity. As for kinect i have found full motion capture and voice recognition while cool does not work well for user interface as opposed to touch screen. sometimes low tech beats high tech for example typing on a key board vs typing on a tablet.
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User Info: RetsuZaiZen

4 years ago#46
Tagging fanboys and trolls is so easy with topics like this.
Why do nerdsalways get caught up on the details?

User Info: Rev0luti0nN0w

4 years ago#47
BeerOnTap posted...
No but I hope you fail.

Don't worry, he already has. That's why he's a troll.
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User Info: genlock

4 years ago#48
No, I hope the WiiU becomes the best console ever, just like I hope for every console.
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User Info: deathwave21

4 years ago#49
I hope the industry fails.

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User Info: NeoFalconHavok

4 years ago#50
darkqueenhelba posted...
I hope the industry fails.
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