Will you wait for Windwaker HD, or will you play a GC version?

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User Info: Kentaro21

4 years ago#41
Either works, but I can't find a copy of the GC version.

User Info: DTY3

4 years ago#42
xChaosLordx posted...
And I guarantee I can make GC WW look better on PC through emulation than the HD remake on the Wii-U is going to look. And I can even post SCs to prove it.

Ive seen Wind Waker on Dolphin. It's just a clearer version of the GC game.

At least the Wii U version looks new.
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User Info: Y34RX3R0

4 years ago#43
Getting the HD, why would I buy a gc and a copy of an old game?
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User Info: BosSBaer

4 years ago#44
I remember getting it way back in the day when it came out. Fun game. Hope they re-do or make the sailing better though.
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User Info: jackorhoads

4 years ago#45
I'll wait it out. Have you seen the speedrunner Cosmowright online? he can beat the game in around 4 hours 36 mins - insane.
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User Info: ImGanondorfLol

4 years ago#46
I've had the urge to replay it for the longest time, but I'm waiting for the remake.

xChaosLordx posted...
Why would anyone buy a new system just for an HD remake of a game? Wind Waker wasn't even one of the better Zelda games. If you got a PC you can play the GC version at 1080p, just the textures won't be scaled up, but everything will be way clearer, and better AA and AF, so less jagged edges.

-Nobody in this topic said they're buying a Wii U only for that game.
-Wind Waker not being one of the better Zelda games is your opinion.
-Not everyone has a PC capable of that.
-What if they prefer the new look or whatever new content or mechanics this game may offer rather than just a higher resolution?

User Info: Aegis_Runestone

4 years ago#47

I've already played the GC version to death. :3
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User Info: Alustar

4 years ago#48
I really like WW. I enjoyed sailing around the ocean and exploring all the little islands. So I am planning on picking up the HD version though I do hope they assign changing the wind direction to just one button or something because it did get annoying having to play the song over and over again to change the direction of your boat.

User Info: Golden Maven

Golden Maven
4 years ago#49
Wind Waker was one of my favourite Zeldas. I put it behind aLttP and OoT. That said, I don't think an HD remake is necessary right now, but certainly it's easier to give WW a facelift than redesigning aLttP from the ground up. Nintendo will get as much return as they put effort into it, WW HD won't be moving selling consoles any more than the original WW sold GCs.

User Info: SuperPlatano

4 years ago#50
I'm gonna get WW HD. I didn't get the chance to play the GC version
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