Your reaction: Wii U gets a 150 price cut, GamePad no longer included

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User Info: VRX3000

4 years ago#11
That would be completely stupid. Now there is even less reason for people to want a Wii U. You basically just said to remove the second screen from the DS. That defeats the point of the system.
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User Info: NeoN1976

4 years ago#12
I'd be soooo pissed if they did that bc I feel all focus would be lost for serious gamepad support
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User Info: Atalalama

4 years ago#14
TC Bad idea is Bad.
Find a way to make the Screentroller cheaper (without loss of fabrication quality, etc.), drop price to go with manufacturing savings.

Drop price of Wiimote & Nunchuk. There is NO reason for it to be $40. It's the same damned thing as what was used on the Wii, just in WiiU packaging. Pack it in.

Dump the Nintendo Land pack-in for the Black console. It's a piece of crap anyway.

Advertise Wii game upscaling with Backward Compatibility. Ensure to thumb nose at Sony/Microsoft for not doing so with their new systems.

Look at the services Microsoft & Sony are offering with their respective systems. Copy/Paste.

Release a "killer app" game with these changes. Release another killer first party game every 2 or 3 months thereafter for the next 6-9 months (at least). Get people's attention, get their money. Third Party devs/publishers will follow suit.
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User Info: Gavin_Rozee

4 years ago#15
I wanted to find out how important the GamePad was for the Wii U in GFAQer's eyes, without directly asking.

I must say I'm surprised that virtually everyone hates the idea of a GamePad-less Wii U.,
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User Info: Sable_Knight

4 years ago#16
Nintendo's current strategy is viable. This? Would easily kill any product on the market.
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User Info: elheber

4 years ago#17
That would be a terribad idea. One of the worst I've ever read. Though sadly, I've read it many times before.
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User Info: Captainlunatic

4 years ago#18
The Wii U would die once and for all, not including the controller needed to operate the system is just plain stupid.
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User Info: Jacob46719

4 years ago#19
Gavin_Rozee posted...
The GamePad will now be treated as an add-on accessory. A large amount of games will still use it, but it isn't required.

Pro Controller and Wii Remote will now be the main Wii U controllers.

White Wii U comes with a Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk.

Black Wii U comes with a Wii Remote Plus, Nunchuk and Pro Controller.

GamePads are available separately or as a Wii Play style pack-in with Nintendo Land 2.

Wii U Ambassador program for anyone who has or does buy the Wii U with a GamePad in the box until all stock of them is gone: 10 GBA games for white Wii U owners, 10 GBA and 5 N64 games for black Wii U owners.

not ever gonna happen.
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User Info: FayeLady

4 years ago#20
That would be a nice optional bundle, but 150 for the game pad seems a bit extreme. A Nexus 7 is only 200 and thats fully functional without another device.
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