Why are you guys so against the GamePad?

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User Info: arvilino

4 years ago#91
myusernameislame posted...

Everyone keeps saying the controller is geared toward casuals while it's the most complicated default controller in the history of console gaming.

Yeah that's true.

Shoulder Buttons
4 face buttons
2 Analogues
directional pad
Touch Screen

But for the most part the control set up is very close to the 3DS(excluding the extra analogue, trigger buttons and TV button) including the touch screen.

User Info: fawfulmark2

4 years ago#92
The gamepad I feel was added as an also-ran, or at least it is being treated as such. the design is fine,the weight is fine,holding it is fine(if you ever held a GBA you are good to go), but why is Nintendo being so restrictive with it? You cannot buy one, so you have to be VERY careful with the device, and AFAIK no 3rd-party versions(like by Madcatz or whatever) even exist, which makes some people wary about even using the damn thing since it could break and be a b**** to replace. also the fact that in the current condition makes it you can only use one Gamepad....and even when they update it there will be only a 2 controller limit, seems to contradict the message of getting everyone in the game established by the wii(and having everyone else use Wiimotes doesn't cut it for me.)

So I like it, but I feel it might be rushed and not getting used to it's potential.
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