I'm glad most EA games won't come to the Wiiu.

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  3. I'm glad most EA games won't come to the Wiiu.

User Info: geoffreyAX

4 years ago#11
Oh no, no Madden :(

User Info: coldwine

4 years ago#12
gumbyxcore99 posted...
they make games that people play, just because you're not one of those people doesnt mean there aren't others. and there is no denying that that this is going to hurt the system

Yeah, and I'm sure there are more cancellations to come.
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User Info: Draque777

4 years ago#13
No Bioware games is HUGE problem for me

User Info: RedOrion

4 years ago#14
I'm indifferent towards EA games not coming the Wii U, But EA is a pretty big publisher and can become a problem for Nintendo. I just hope if there is any damage done by it it won't be irreparable, EA is a growing problem in the industry.

User Info: DBPanterA

4 years ago#15
geoffreyAX posted...
Oh no, no Madden :(

That's cute. Thing is, EA holds the publishing rights to all major sports sans Major League Baseball (2K).

I usually buy a couple sports titles per generation of console. Not having one of the most popular genres of games on your console will immensely hurt Nintendo in North American, their largest consumer. . .
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User Info: Darkside_Shadow

4 years ago#16
Average man on the street "hmm what is this Wii U, looks kinda cool might wanna buy one" notice article about EA not supporting it because it is weak "screw this im gonna wait for the Ps4"

Less consoles sold means less games people even from Nintendo. Think about it.


User Info: trollhunter2

4 years ago#17
TC= pathetic troll confirmed
shadowfxd:" Vita is overpriced, has overpriced memory cards and only ports, atleast Wii U has 2 games and is about to outsell the Vita already" busted

User Info: UltraOverlord

4 years ago#18
Enigma149 posted...
Post 16:

Post 21:


I'm also going to leave post 13 here, just for laughs:

Please, people, don't take this topic seriously, and proceed with your browsing.

wow you seriously spent all that time to stalk someone to find their troll posts.
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User Info: MichaelDeAngelo

4 years ago#19
NintendoMan87 posted...
EA is a cancer on the industry

It's more like AIDS, I think.
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User Info: TheSpectre

4 years ago#20
The more people that drop support, the less it will sell. its clear they wont be getting the soccer mom, elderly person, casual gamer buyers the Wii got. without them, who will keep the system afloat? will nintendo fans buy two and 3 Wii U's to compensate? If so, get started now.
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  3. I'm glad most EA games won't come to the Wiiu.

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