What's your opinion of Skyward Sword?

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User Info: Muintir

4 years ago#31
It was decent but not even in the top 3 for me. The motion controls were ok when they worked which unfortunately wasn't all the time, the slow text was inexcusable, the stamina system disrupted the flow of things at times, and some of the dungeons seemed very small & basic with uninspired puzzles

User Info: DoomsSD

4 years ago#32
I liked it. I voted Good but I'd really rate it Very Good at least.

It's NOT the best game overall in the series, lets just get that out of the way first. However, it does get some key things right. I think the 1:1 sword mechanics are spot on and I loved how responsive the bow and arrow now feels. I hope I never again play a Zelda game where I'm forced to aim a projectile weapon with an Analogue stick.

Although I enjoyed the motion controls I would add that I sometimes had an awkward time with the camera. I kept having to re-center my cursor a lot and would have preferred a more fluid system of keeping things stable. I think if they actually let you tweak the camera sensitivities, cursor/fairy speeds and even some dead zone options would really help the scheme come to life. If you've ever played CoD games on Wii and used the Wiimote for them, you'll see how beneficial it is to be able to tweak every aspect so the Wiimote suits you better and feels less alien to you. It is important to ease people into motion controls when they're used to playing a franchise that formerly handled most of it's tasks with more traditional control styles.

That said, even with the Wiimote centric EVERYTHING in this game, I think they've mostly made their case for the merits of motion controls in Zelda so hopefully it'll still be included albeit within better contexts and not crowbar'd into each and every aspect.

The game itself beyond the control scheme is very good and even with the relatively disjointed segments, each area takes a long time to get through fully. The outside of the temple is just as important as the actual temple and that's something that's usually been getting developed more and more in Zelda and I think it's important. Otherwise you end up with a Hyrule hub like OoT/TP where the field area feels expansive but even with that, there's not really a whole lot to see or do in between going to the outer reaches of the map.
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User Info: jsb0714

4 years ago#33
trenken posted...
Honestly I had to go with bad because the game left such a sour taste in my mouth. I didnt like how everything outside of the dungeons was basically a dungeon. Story was totally forgettable, the motion controls worked fine, but I dont like waving my arms around to play games. Ill go play tennis if I want to do that and get some real exercise.

Big surprise here. *Rolls eyes*
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User Info: PikachuMittins

4 years ago#34
First Playthrough, I thought the game was awesome. Second playthrough on hero mode, it was more of "Yeah... I get it Fi..."
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User Info: RollerBob

4 years ago#35

Where's the "meh" option?

- The controls were not as well implemented as they claimed, as many sword attacks were not in the right direction.

- Combat became too easy, because you could just stun them with a shield bash and hack away.

- The overworld was dull and uninspired.

- Tentaclus (sp??), or the Pirate Ship boss, was a slap in the face. Horrible design and obvious weak point.

- There were repeated bosses.

- The series starts to decrease the number of dungeons there are per game...

I enjoyed Twilight Princess more than Skyward Sword.
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