Why is Nintendo so behind the times? (online functions)

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User Info: K-R-A-N-G-

4 years ago#1
They try block out online like its a niche thing to do and make it difficult (less harder wii u time around but still not update with 2013 and definitely not next gen) and make VC some sort of digital void. Why do nintendo hate online? They are just so slow to catch up even though they have the most advance console on the market.

User Info: Drumguy

4 years ago#2
For God's sake, son. Work on your grammar.
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User Info: darknight06

4 years ago#3
Third parties hate the virtual console, and I think to some extent Nintendo hates it too. They can no longer compete with the quality of those older titles so they'd rather put them on the backburner in an effort to try and sell newer titles. This should've been obvious the moment WiiWare dropped last go around.
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User Info: FayeLady

4 years ago#4
I don't think they hate online, I just think they are old fashioned and don't understand it. As a company they are like the personification of my parents. Love them, but keep them away from new media at all cost.
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User Info: BroadwayGPU

4 years ago#5
Tradishunal desu Tradishun
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