Shadow of the Eternals now has an official Kickstarter

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User Info: RyuuHou25

4 years ago#11

12 episodes? Season 1? Look at the ridiculous amount of characters left blank but clearly planned for future seasons. How many are there supposedly going to be?

Utter nonsense. Not to mention, these are absurd rewards for the donation levels. Who the **** is going to spend 10 grand just to have Executive producer credit and visit a crap game studio, a hardcover book, some posters and in game DLC? REALLY??

Then of course you have the history of Dyack to be a weasel and a general all around lying POS.
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User Info: Board_hunter567

4 years ago#12
Their site has a goal of $1.5 million, their KS is set at $1.35 million.
Their site ends in 23 days, the KS 36.
The KS goal has to be met in order to get the money. The one on their site doesn't.
They plan on running the two in parallel.

What a mess. They should have just waited until they could have gotten a Kickstarter set up.
I think they saw what Star Citizen did and wanted to try that too. Only problem is that Star Citizen only got a Kickstarter up when they had already met their goal. Not to mention it was better organized and neither were set to end at completely different times.

Hope they get that sorted out and realize why this is just a big bad and confusing idea. Or just skip this nonsense and try getting a publisher again.

User Info: SteamedRice

4 years ago#13
Kickstarter (1.35m goal)
Day 1 - 22k

Crowdfunding (1.5m goal)
Day 1 - 100k
Day 7 - 3k

Looks like fail to me. Who the heck runs two funding projects at the same time and doubling up on the goal.
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