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User Info: sunK1D

4 years ago#61
Xylymphydyte posted...
From: Baha05 | #059
syphoned_edge posted...
Read what I wrote - you're implying you have 4 Wii U tablet controllers...

No it implies he tried 4 controllers across 3 different platforms meaning one Wii U controller, a possible Pro Controller or two for a PS3 or 360.

Tablet, Classic, Dualshock and a 360 pad on PC, plus a high end mouse with a lot of customization.

What I was saying is that the exact same issue exists on 3 different platforms. It is not WiiU specific so the newness (less than 3 weeks!) of the tablet is of no importance.

You're full of s*** dude.
You're the only one saying it's the same when many with access to multiple platforms have expressed the differences already.

PC > 60FPS if you have the specs but looks marginally better than X360 version and will require adjusting of controls if you use a KB/M combo.
X360 > No control issues, looks good and plays smooth. Good to go out of the box.
Wii U > Control problems (aiming) and slight frame drops.
PS3 > Haven't tried.
Real life Claire Redfield, where are you?

User Info: Pendragoon

4 years ago#62
PS3 version is digital as well, just with much smaller deadzones, 5% instead of 30% about the same as the 3DS version.

If the Pro controller is like this I could live with it, but why must I spend another $50 to play it at it's best.
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