These games will sell the Wii U:

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User Info: NeonYoshi11

4 years ago#1
These are the games that are going to sell the Wii U to people in masses and really jump start the confidence of 3rd Part Developers.

* 3D Mario
* Super Smash Brothers U
* Mario Kart U
* Wind Waker HD
* Legend of Zelda U
* Pikmin 3
* Yoshi's Yarn

Add in games that will eventually be made like Mario Party U, Mario Sports game, Kirby game, DQ or FF game ( new or HD remake ).

The top list especially is going to get things rolling. It's what should have been released at launch but for some reason wasn't. Their mistake, but things will be fine eventually.

Once these games are out the Wii U will start selling more and then 3rd Party Support will happen.

* I want a Wii U but am waiting for Super Smash, 3D Mario, & Mario Kart., along with WW HD and Legend of Zelda U.

Once those are out or some of them, I will buy and I have a feeling a few million others will also over the next 1-2 years.

User Info: fuzi11

4 years ago#2
I doubt that Yoshi Yarn, Wind Waker and Pikmin 3 will really seel so many Wii Us. It will of course sell a few units here and there, but I don't see them as true system sellers like the others you mentioned.

Mario has always sold many units.
Smash was THE system seller for the gamecube and was one of the heavy hitters of the Wii.
Mario Kart is THE system seller. Period (Especially for the Wii).
Original Zelda Titles as well.

Pikmin is more of a Niche Title. In the same way as is Mother. The Internet (aka hardcore Nintendo fans) is really hyped for it, but the general population probably doesn't even know it exists.
Wind Waker HD is a remake. I can't see it being a heavy hitter as well. Although it could be seen as ocarina of Time 3D. It was probably only successful, because it was the ONLY GAME FOR THE WHOLE SUMMER. At least it was the reason I bought it.
And if you see Yarn Yoshi I guess it will be as successful as Yarn Kirby. It sold 1.59 mio (source wiki) units with a userbase of nearly 100 mio. I guess it is ok, but not really selling tons of units.

User Info: Mystery_Cooper

4 years ago#3
jump start the confidence of 3rd Part Developers

You mean like how all the Wii versions of those games did the same for the Wii? Oh wait...

Honestly, the only ones I see from that list that I can imagine being actual "system sellers" are:

* 3D Mario
* Super Smash Brothers U
* Legend of Zelda U

and probably Mario Kart U. Massively disliked Mario Kart Wii, and is so far the only game I have ever sold, so perhaps I'm a bit biased against it.
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User Info: Rival_Blue_1999

4 years ago#4
Eh just SSB4,Mario Kart U,3D Mario,and possibly WW HD.
Nintendo Network: Jon_14

User Info: avenue20

4 years ago#5
add these , I bet these will sell well

- New Monolith Sofware RPG
- Fire Emblem x SMT
- New Fire Emblem
- Pokemon Adventure RPG with RTS battle gameplay but i bet if its happened it will not include all pokemon , probably it will developed by monolith software.
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