Oh, you kids on Miiverse...

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User Info: Drumguy

4 years ago#1
Something different for us to talk about.

I see this time and time again on Miiverse.

- Kid posts something against Miiverse rules (curses, talks crap, trolls, etc).
- Kid's post gets deleted.
- Kid cries about freedom of speech being violated.

It's funny how nobody understands that you agree to not be a piece of **** on Miiverse when you sign up. You don't have total freedom of speech on a social network.

Why are people so ignorant?

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4 years ago#2
I hate people.
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User Info: oq7ster

4 years ago#3
I laugh when people get moderated for P**** drawings and spoilers. Haha
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User Info: Baha05

4 years ago#4
I never understood trying to pull the freedom of speech card on anywhere on the internet. It just doesn't work since every forum has rules or ToUs
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User Info: TheGreatUnown

4 years ago#5
People don't like to take responsibility for their actions.
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User Info: knightimex

4 years ago#6
Dumbest generation is trying to hold their title.
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User Info: Murderstorm117

4 years ago#7
Its almost as strict as gamefaqs and thats saying something.
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User Info: TheGamingGolfer

4 years ago#8
I saw a kid who posted her age (10), the city she lived in, and her elementary school in her profile information. I reported her, and it was for her own good.
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User Info: lionheart5656

4 years ago#9
People often misunderstand that the freedom of speech only applies to government actions.

It's easy to think it applies everywhere if you aren't informed about the law.

Frankly, private institutions are too strict most of the time.

I've been modded for saying the Nintendo network was going to suck until they fixed their servers back when updates took hours.

I've also been modded for giving help to a person who asked for it. All I did was tell them exactly what to do.

In Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate, the censor blocks the word "kill". This is a hunting game where you either kill or capture monsters.

There are many times when they should not be able to tell you it's not ok to say something or at least give an option to opt out.
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User Info: StarBladeEdge

4 years ago#10
but they do mod people without reason.

example: resident evil drawing gets modded on resident evil board.........harmless pic about resident evil.

they even apologized to me and wanted to restore my picture but they didn't....

just stupid ...no problem. i will get revelations for ps3.haha. who's laughing last ?

me, no doubt about it. nintendo needs every sale they can get but they can forget me now. i don't like to get modded for no reason.

i am going through this on this website here all day don't need it on miiverse from nintendo who can barely keep up with gaming these days.
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