Can we put things into perspective....

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User Info: mini_blight

4 years ago#51
dart246 posted... sit here and bash sequels and EA games then talk about how awesome the new Zelda, Mario, and Smash are going to be. Am I missing something or is that no different than saying how awesome the next Battlefield, Dead Space, Sims, etc.. is, or is that because those games are "trash?"

Who's bashing sequels? You mean the Sony ponies who've been crying about "Mario rehashes"?

Let's put things into perspective, the Wii U has been out for SEVEN months and is actually a worse position than when it launched. At least at launch you had people like me buying it since I wanted the newest gaming system, and now you have borderline no one buying it, with sales less than 30K.

Seven months? That's it? Sales for April were abysmal for everyone. The highest selling system sold a mere 130k. Sales for EVERYONE have declined massively. But hey, all that matters is how well that can be spun into Nintenhate, right? lol

Let's also be serious here and stop comparing it to the 3DS and going "look how the 3DS started and see it now!?" This isn't the 3DS. The 3DS launched in a time when the only competition was the PSP and now Vita, the iPod Touch was gaining traction and in its infancy but wasn't the smash hit you see now with everyone and their mother, literally, having one. This is a home system that has to compete with the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Playstation 4 when it is launched, and the next Xbox when it launches. It doesn't have the luxury of sitting there and raking it in with its "unique" gameplay experience, an experience most people think is just a controller for the original Wii (great job there Nintendo marketing).

Comparing it to the 3DS is a perfectly valid and reasonable position to take. Framing that position as "not serious" is laughable.

But then again, the Wii U was beating the Vita....that's something to be proud about right? Beating a handheld that costs as much as a full blown system and really isn't going to be integrated into the Playstation ecosystem until the PS4 with its universal remote play (as all games will have remote play without the need of developers adjusting for it); but yeah let's allow Nintendo to have that victory.

PS4 is rumored to be 499 dollars and not much more powerful than the Wii U. Let's hold hands together in excitement over the impending crash.

Seriously guys.....seriously....

I understand you want your console to "win" and you want it to come out swinging but so far it's tripped and is getting picked last for almost everything. It has a lackluster online system (your purchases and content are system bound for ****s sake) and everything that has come out over the last seven months has been: "Just wait..."

Since you seem to have an obsession with the word "seriously", I'll take the opportunity to "seriously" give you a "serious" response to this part of your "seriously serious" topic.

Yes, people want their console of choice to win. Thanks for stating the obvious. I'll go and tell everyone on the PS4 board how they just want the PS4 to win...then watch the avalanche of "duh" crash down on anyone in the area.

"It's been over seven months, how much longer do you want people to wait with the PS4 and the next Xbox on the horizon?"

Spamming "wait for PS4/Xbox" is far more repetitive and obnoxious.

User Info: cavebear56

4 years ago#52
Logic, understanding of simple concepts, removal of bias and a focus on objectivity are things you lack, use inappropriately and don't comprehend. Juvenile with a large dose of blatant ignorance is your motiff TC I understand.

I'm sorry TC your parents only bought you 1 console and it wasn't a Wii U. When you grow older you'll be able to afford all the systems, until then keep clinging to brand names and console wars out of a pathetic need for self fulfillment and value.

Thinking is hard TC I won't knock you anymore as I don't want to strain your brain anymore than I have.

Now it's your turn to say something.

Please imply I'm mad, a fanboy(I'm but its for gaming as a whole), I have no counter points( when the fact is you aren't worth the time for an honest adult discussion because you're ignorant and not looking for an actual discussion) or some other such deflection away from the truth of the matter to nurture your pained ego.


You put it into a bias and slanted perspective. Therefore you are objectively (factually even) terribly wrong.
If history is to change, let it change. If the world is to be destroyed, so be it. If my fate is to die, I must simply laugh.
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