Is owning a physical copy over digital THAT important to you?

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User Info: SerpenterRex

4 years ago#21
Lacking a proper account system is a big factor. It seems like such a hassle if something goes wrong with the console, or knowing that my software is so limited in what it can be used on.

Also, expensive prices (at least when comparing with retail games) often costing up to and more than £15/ $22 extra, compared to what I could get them from high-street stores, or online. Might as well get something tangible for the price difference.

User Info: Socran

4 years ago#22
ShinChuck posted...
Golden Maven posted...
Personally no, but I feel they should transfer some of the savings they make on digital distribution to the customer. Right now, there is little reason to buy digital.

This is my big issue right now. Yeah, it's nice having physical, I know it's there, always works, will work for years to come, yadda yadda. But this is what really gets me.

Outside of Steam or Amazon sales, it really seems like companies make significantly more on digital, but don't ever pass that on to the consumer. There are no discs to be printed, no boxes, no cases, no instructions, no shipping, and very little overhead - particularly if they're sold directly from the company, as is becoming increasingly common with PC games.

Yet, the consumer typically pays the same price, digital or physical, despite far fewer additional costs that go into delivering digital. The consumer does have the convenience of not leaving the house and no physical copy (which may or may not be a good thing, depending on tastes), but beyond that, companies really do benefit quite a bit from them.

It's because of the skyrocketing cost of development. People are so quick to demand that a game be sold to them for cheaper if it costs the developer less, but are loathe to ever pay more for a game that costs the developer more. There was enough of an uproar when the average price went up from $50 to $60, and that's only a 20% increase. You can bet your ass that the cost of development didn't go up by a mere 20% since the SNES days.

Options to save/make the developer money include DLC that's cut out of the game, microtransactions, online passes... Or saving money on their own packaging and distribution costs while offering you the same game at the same price. A better option than the rest, to be sure.

But... aren't we talking about NSLU? That one is 33% cheaper if you buy it digitally (and have NSMBU).
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User Info: KAMMYqueen

4 years ago#23
The case looks cool
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User Info: K-R-A-N-G-

4 years ago#24
Yes, I like the artwork on boxes and you can always sell a physical copy

User Info: Petey_Meanis

4 years ago#25
From: srsgamer87 | Posted: 5/21/2013 3:14:19 AM | #001
The Deluxe Digital Promotion means you basically get 5$ back for every retail game you buy.

The Digital Promotion DOES NOT apply to retail copies of games, only downloads.

Deluxe Digital Promotion is an exclusive promotion for owners of the Wii U Deluxe Set. Points are earned on all digital purchases made from November 18, 2012 through December 31, 2014, and can be exchanged to receive codes for Nintendo eShop credit.
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User Info: TatsuSuou

4 years ago#26
Digital = no resell value (unless you sell the entire console)

Physical = resell value

It's pretty simple really.
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User Info: funguy2233

4 years ago#27
On Pc I love buying digital versions since hey are easy to download whenever you get a new pc and you can get them for cheap on steam during their sales.

On consoles, not so much. Although there are some decent sales on ps+ the fact that the games won't be backwards compatible is a real killer for me and I will be thinking twice about buying digital games next gen.

For consoles to becomes truly digital they will need to make all the games backwards compatible so you're not just buying the games for a few years. Most people don't want to have multiple consoles hooked up at once all the time just to access their library.

User Info: Jackal

4 years ago#28
I prefer a physical copy to digital when ever possible.
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User Info: realstar

4 years ago#29
I will also wait for the physical version as I much prefer having a traditional game collection.
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User Info: Jobocan

4 years ago#30
On consoles and handhelds, digital games are way overpriced. If I look around enough, I can buy new physical games on release for 10-25$ less than the digital releases of the same games go for. Add to that the fact that you actually own your copy of the game and that you actually get something for your money rather than just air... Physical just makes more sense.

The only exception here is Steam, and even then if I want a good deal on release I need to look around the internet, with sites like greenmangaming and I have to hope there's a coupon code going on. - My Collection
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