I still like Nintendo :(

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User Info: Microelectrode

4 years ago#1
But I think I am in the minority...

I chose an Xbox 360 and ignored the Wii because, unlike the larger "untapped market" which cared more about motion control than advanced hardware, I wanted my traditional control with HD graphics.

I bought a lot of Xbox 360 games, probably around 40, plus more XBLA games. Yet I only really cared for Dark Souls, Street Fighter IV, Tomb Raider, Lost Odyssey, and the Mass Effect Trilogy.

I realized I like color. I like nonviolence. I've played through the campaigns of several Call of Duty games, dabbled in Silent Hills and Resident Evils, and haven't played any Halo, Left for Dead, Dead Space, etc because I don't like them. I didn't like Dragon Age or Dragon's Dogma. Yet I liked Donkey Kong Country Returns, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Kirby's Epic Yarn, Super Mario Galaxy... So I like Nintendo, but it's because I personally prefer Nintendo's first party games over the majority of third party games. I'm pretty sure I will be a Wii U supporter (in the future). I'd rather play Paper Mario instead of Call of Duty.

But I'm 27 years old. I don't mind playing kid's games - and yes, I think Nintendo is underpowered AND made for kids. I'm okay with that. But I think I'm in the minority for people my age. and "young adults" (high school to college) REALLY don't seem to want to play anything aimed for kids.

So that's why I don't think the Wii U will do well... to like the Wii U, you have to like A) underpowered hardware AND B) Nintendo first party games. I just don't think most people do...

User Info: Chocobo115

4 years ago#2
h, I still like their games. It's just their hardware I dislike.
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User Info: TheNeoVoid

4 years ago#3
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User Info: NE_PatriotsFan

4 years ago#4
Nintendo obviously doesn't like you, look at how many games they have released for you to play.
This site is full of trolls, Right Zack?

User Info: lp913

4 years ago#5
Its just too much damn focus on power these days......... Not to long ago, during the PS2 era of all eras, MOST gamers did not give a damn about power otherwise XBOX1 and GameCube sales would have been a LOT higher back in those days. Seriously, for those who only care about specs, just save yourself the trouble and go PC already, sheesh...............
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User Info: cruelbird

4 years ago#6
I own a 360 as well. I love Nintendo and plan on getting the Wii U, but they N makes some weird decisions sometimes. I didn't pay much mind to the doom-saying back in the 64 and GCN days, but I do feel like the industry's left them behind.

User Info: MotiJr

4 years ago#7
From: NE_PatriotsFan | #004
Nintendo obviously doesn't like you, look at how many games they have released for you to play.

You must have some toned glutes with all that clenching you do whenever Nintendo is mentioned. Sony not making enough games to keep you busy?
Turns out I have one of Sony's lap dogs following me around on gamefaqs. If you see him, don't feed him. He has a bad temper and is easily upset :D

User Info: UponADarkThorne

4 years ago#8
I love Nintendo and I always will. If Nintendo ever stops making consoles, I'll likely stop buying console games and focus entirely on the PC.

What confuses me, if people who act like you can't enjoy a "kiddie" game and an "adult" game. Like countless of adults don't enjoy movies or television shows created just for them - as well as things created for children in mind. I have a friend with a five year old - and he enjoys watching the Pixar movies as much as she does.

There is nothing wrong with you if you enjoy Mario and the Witcher. You don't have to chose.

User Info: Thepowerofpika

4 years ago#9
Your not the only one. I like the WiiU aswell ad I'm 26.

The only thing I'm a bit bothered about is that I feel that I am getting tired of all the console wars. Also money and space is becoming a massive issue.

The WiiU replaced my Wii due to BC.

I've decided after purchasing the 3DS and WiiU that those will be my final new systems I buy. I've got more than enough to satisfy me now.

I don't know how the wiiU will go but aslong as Pikmin 3 comes out I'm not too bothered. I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

I love the cartoony games personally. I don't see what's so wrong about them.

Of course I do have a sony systems and a 360. So I'm not Nintendo only. Just this gen I'm Nintendo only.

I've decided to go retro for now.
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