Has anybody taken advantage of the Deluxe Digital Program?

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  3. Has anybody taken advantage of the Deluxe Digital Program?

User Info: YoyokuKO

4 years ago#1
i haven't seen any hoorays

User Info: LilMajerCartune

4 years ago#2
No, it was a gimmick, lack of interesting games to buy anyway.
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User Info: DarkAdonis123

4 years ago#3
I haven't and likely never will.
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User Info: blinkfreak

4 years ago#4
I was going to make a topic asking how many vouchers people have gotten.

I need to spend 40 more cents and I will get my first $5 voucher.

User Info: mattmckiness

4 years ago#5
I have probally made 30 or 40 bucks off it i think it was a good idea but should have raised the amount to 10 bucks instead of 5.

User Info: mstop_4

4 years ago#6
I've earned back $10 so far (from buying ZombiU and Scribblenauts) and used the codes in the 3DS eShop. Now sitting on 232 points.
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User Info: zender1999

4 years ago#7
i have earned about 30 $ so far

User Info: wugeezy

4 years ago#8

User Info: rafiiilla

4 years ago#9
Not much, I've received back 150 MXN (I've not purchased a lot)
NNID: rafiiilla

User Info: oq7ster

4 years ago#10
10 dollars, with those I bought two 3ds eShop games but forgot which ones lol. I have a lot of eShop games on my 3ds lol
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