How come the 3ds is getting all the good games?

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User Info: duality48

4 years ago#11
Yeah, that's true about it not truly taking off until around the OOT and starfox era, but still that was pretty close to it's launch window. You go the Wii U page on gamefaqs on the other hand, and most of the top 10 message boards are for games that don't even have a release date yet! They're all just tentative, with nothing really in sight besides Pikmin 3.

IMO Nintendo had better get their act together soon or else a lot of people will give up on the Wii U. Sure, all those announced games will come eventually, but there's nothing really for Wii U fans to look forward to in the near future.
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User Info: brainfreeze10

4 years ago#12
Honestly this is a pretty constant theme if you look at Nintendo's history. They fully focus on one of their systems for about a year, than the other. You really have to own both their console and their portable to get everything you need from them, so my guess is that next year/ this holiday will see a ton of awesome Wii U games, but the 3DS will lack major 1st party support for around 6 months. eh.
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