When will they drop the Wii U in price?

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User Info: The_Rami

4 years ago#1
I want one.. eventually. I pretty much for right now want one for NSMBWii U and Game & Wario which comes out soon, but other than that I want to play my current Wii games. I hear it upscales it a little which would be cool.

But the problem is, there was no price drop announced. Also, no deals right now. $350 is just too much considering the PS4 will be $399. The other problem is, when the games they announced come out, the PS4 will have been out so I would have to wait 1-2 more years to buy a Wii U because I can't justify buying two consoles and spending $750 in the same time period.

What do you guys think I should do? I think Mario Kart 8 looks astonishing, the new 3D mario, though I wish it was Galaxy 3, still looks really fun. Bayonetta 2, Smash Bros (though I plan on getting the 3DS version), etc etc the exclusive line-up is looking terrific.

First world problems, am I right? :P

User Info: wombatkidd

4 years ago#2
If they do a price drop, expect it around Christmas. They'll want to eat into their competitor's holiday sales as much as possible.
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User Info: star_guy_100

4 years ago#3
i think nintendo is too proud, they think the games coming this holiday season will boost sales and help them compete with the ps3/ps4 and 360/xb1. when that doesnt happen, i would expect them to drop the price after that, maybe early 2014.

User Info: KingTurt

4 years ago#4
Probably around Christmas. I think they'll announce a new WiiU model with a bigger HDD installed, bundled with a new game like SuperMario3DLand, and probably with a price cut of $50 off. So that way the WiiU is $100 less than the PS4 and it actually has games this time.

User Info: The_Rami

4 years ago#5
wombatkidd posted...
If they do a price drop, expect it around Christmas. They'll want to eat into their competitor's holiday sales as much as possible.

Yes it would make the most sense, to drop the price just before the new consoles launch. I assume it would be $299 now for the Deluxe. Still, the people that have their hearts set on a PS4/Xbox One won't change their minds so close to release.

I guess with Mario Kart 8, which looks terrific (did I say that already?) won't come till Spring, there's still time but I have many Wii games just sitting here.

User Info: kingbadjo

4 years ago#6
Next year before christmas
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User Info: userfrigginame

4 years ago#7
Just buy a PS4 for now, cuz I don't see a price drop coming until maybe a few months after the latest Zelda game. No point in dropping the price to sell systems, when you have system-selling games that can do that.

User Info: biggy204

4 years ago#8
I agree with the price drop by the holidays.
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User Info: TrstTheLord

4 years ago#9
If they are going to do a price drop, the earliest would be the holiday shopping season. They announce a price drop now and the sales numbers they have now would look great by comparison. Just remember though when you pay 350 for wii u you have a game too, there is no game in that $400 price tag for the ps4.
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User Info: Socran

4 years ago#10
First: It's not $350, it's $300. I really wish people would stop getting this mixed up. $350 is for the deluxe model, which comes with an additional game, 32 GB of space (which is irrelevant), and a rebate offer on digital games. If you don't care about Nintendo Land (although you should, but you can also find it cheap now), and don't plan on buying a ton of digital games, the basic set will do you just fine. The low amount of space is easily offset by an external hard drive, which can be bought for very cheap - the $50 difference between the two versions could buy you a 1TB hard drive. And even that's not necessary if you don't plan on downloading a lot of games.

With that in mind, I'd suggest looking for sales instead of waiting for a price drop. If it does drop, it'll probably go down to something like $250, and I predict it won't happen until next year. They're counting on the new releases to increase sales, and they need to wait some months after the release in order to see those numbers, with their big system-sellers coming at the end of the year. Meanwhile, you just missed a recent sale at Target that was selling them for $240. So... Yeah. Keep your ear open for those instead, I'd recommend.
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