Reggie: worried about used game sales? make better games

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User Info: excitebike64

4 years ago#61
The only thing stupid is how obvious the statement is.

It is much harder to find certain Nintendo games used simply because people wish to keep them longer. Duh, to the duh.

And basically, by the time they do start to be easier to find, the over all sales stay good for the new copies.

User Info: manmouse

4 years ago#62
Skill4Reel posted...
darkqueenhelba posted...
I believe the sentiment is make a game so good that people won't want to get rid of it for any reason.

That is what I read.

funny how simple it is, and easy to understand this is, yet we still have to discuss it extensively because of the average intelligence level around here.

User Info: Terotrous

4 years ago#63
leopoldshark posted...
-There are different factors that affect who trades in games and which games. Saying that Nintendo games are not returned as much because they are "better" or "of lasting quality" is factually misleading. It is possible that the people who buy Nintendo games (usually parents, no offense) are not as savvy on the used game market and simply purchase new games or encourage trade-ins, while the more mature market (18-34 y.o. males that are independent of their parents) are much tighter with their spending and are more aware of the benefits of trading in games.

I'm not sure I believe this. When I was younger, I certainly knew about the used game market, and I knew lots of people who traded in their games. If anything, I think young people might be more likely to trade in their games because they don't have a lot of money and tend to be more swayed by the "latest and greatest" than people who have been around a long time. - Watch me beat "NES Hi no Tori" - My backloggery
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