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User Info: GoombaX

4 years ago#11
Even though ill be getting destiny on my ps4
i believe everyone needs to experience it so
and a Majoras mask remake (if one doesnt happen on the 3ds of course)
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User Info: xxxxxn

4 years ago#12
I just want a NEW Legend of Zelda game that's not an hd remake of a GameCube game and a new Paper Mario that plays like TTYD and not like SPM and SS.

And I would also like a sequel to Star Fox Adventures and a sequel to Super Princess Peach although I know these two games are unlikely to come out since the originals didn't sell well.

I would also love a WiiU exclusive Pokemon RPG and a Mario bowling game where you win money by playing games against other players to purchase bowling balls and unlock new tournaments.

User Info: Infinity8378

4 years ago#13
Star Fox could have been similar to Destiny and like the Best of Adventures. So that and

Sonic Adventure 3 where you can choose ONE character from the heroes roster and with Secret rings style gameplay in Emerald Stages. Unlockable charaters Blaze and Silver.

User Info: mashu

4 years ago#14
PSO2. Wtf Sega. The game is already done. Localize it already and bring it to the Wii U connected to the PC servers as well. I'd go buy it and the Wii U right now just for that.

Failing that though, my wishlist would at least in part be:

-- couple more titles from Atlus (Persona, SMT, Trauma Center)
-- Fire Emblem (yes, I know, SMT x FE will come first)
-- Custom Robo
-- Advance Wars

It's frustrating that the games I'd really be excited about for the Wii U just are not coming, save a few next year, when I'll get the system. Meantime? 3DS.

User Info: kingbadjo

4 years ago#15
kingdom hearts
I don't need violent videogames to reassure myself that I'm an adult.

User Info: The_DS_King

4 years ago#16
Pokemon MMO
SSB with decent online and patch system to balance characters
Metroid Prime 4, with online multiplayer ala Hunters
ANY Rpg support, Wii was really lacking in games with strong stories and immersive worlds

User Info: morningglory05

4 years ago#17
Darth Gecko posted...
Harvest Moon
Little King's Story

Could not have said it any better myself. Kudos
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