Do you think wii u will be able to out sell xbox one?

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User Info: Murderstorm117

4 years ago#1
Because they already seem to have alot of hype and their launch line up seems to be alot better than nintendos lineup. The only way I can see nintendo competing with both consoles is a price drop to $300
NNID Mstorm

User Info: DeathSoul2000

4 years ago#2
obvious troll topic, but i think i can safely say ANY console will outsell xboned, so your argument is null and void.

User Info: GoombaX

4 years ago#3
Even For Trolling Purposes This Topic Is Stupid.
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User Info: AhnoldDood

4 years ago#4
The XO is a bad game console, and its also an awful cable box (it can't play DVR). Anyone with a brain would opt to buy a Wii U/PS4 instead, or just not buy the XO at all.

User Info: Ecotron

4 years ago#5
Worldwide easily. In the US that is harder to tell even in spite of all the "Xbone" hate. I still give Xbox the edge.

User Info: star_guy_100

4 years ago#6
even as bad as the xb1 is, im not convinced that the wii u will outsell it.

User Info: ElectricMole

4 years ago#7
You're parole officer's name is Major Nelson. Please check in with him every 24 hours, or your system will be bricked.

Or get a Wii U instead and be freeee!
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User Info: biggy204

4 years ago#8
I dont know, what I do know is that there are people willing to sacrifice money to play the exclusive(and timed exclusives) that the XBox One is having. The holidays will tell what console will sell, im going on the limb to say it would be PS4 on top and XBox One/Wii U a 50/50 chance of one up'ing each other of sales. Sad thing is I wouldnt be suprised if the Xbox One does eventually out sell the Wii U.
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User Info: its_matt

4 years ago#9
In Japan

User Info: Jackal

4 years ago#10
Halo fans are as bad and fanatical as Mario fans. I'm sure that some will buy it.
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