Predict the 8th gen console race

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User Info: Jacob46719

4 years ago#41
The_Hyphenator posted...
I think the Wii U is going to take off this holiday season, while the PS4 and Xbone both have fairly slow launches (the Xbone more so). The Wii U will continue to sell steadily after that, and will see the return of a fair number of third parties to the platform, but won't really start seeing truly impressive sales figures until a price drop a few years down the line.

Meanwhile, the PS4 will have a hot holiday season next year, and begin to pick up steam, with new exclusives helping to drive sales. But again, they won't start pushing really big numbers until a price drop happens.

The Xbone will continue to struggle in the States, and will be virtually dead in the UK, Europe and Asia. A price drop and some key titles will help move it, but the stigma surrounding the platform and the lack of overseas sales will keep it from gaining any real traction.

As for the final shakedown, I'm going to be generous and guess that we'll see double the amount of consoles sold from the previous gen (it's a pretty safe bet: Gen 6 did about 160 million, all told, and Gen 7 has already hit 260 million and still counting), so we'll call the total 520 million. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that Nintendo is going to stick with a 5-to-6-year cycle and release a new system in 2018, while the other two consoles may try to go for another 8-to-10-year cycle. So I'll say the Wii U will sell 160 million, the PS4 300 million, and the Xbone a paltry 60 million (again, remember that I'm predicting little to no overseas sales for the Xbone).

Sony will be saved, Nintendo will skip into the sunset after another profitable generation, and Microsoft Corporate, sick of wasting billions on a division that has never turned a long-term profit, will finally pull the plug on the Xbox division.

I'd like to see 250 million for Wii U/PS4 and 31,415,926 for XBrick One.
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